The Most Enjoyed Rugby Action Snacks

The Rugby World Cup brings an abundance of excitement, action and a brilliant platform for players both experienced and young to show off their talent and skills. It delivers on an array of sports betting opportunities as the 48 games are played during the 40 days. It brings uncertainty on the betting odds with the current world rankings, which are confusing. It brings jubilation to some and pure misery for others, and in both scenarios, we like to turn to food. So, what are the most-loved rugby snacks to stock up on when your favourite team is playing in the global arena?

Beer-battered Onion Rings

They have to be beer-battered since plain onion rings wouldn’t be able to hit the spot. You can prepare them in advance and dip them in the hot oil for a couple of minutes to be able to snack on the most deliciously comforting crispy rings. Serve them up with a secret sauce of buttermilk, some fresh herbs and a bit of chopped chilli, or dip them into mayo, ketchup or monkeygland sauce.

Bacon-wrapped Braaibroodjies

True to South African culture, yet many have fallen in love with this culinary gem. Two slices of buttered bread, some onion, tomato and cheese and then pop the sandwich on the grill. For extra comfort, wrap the sarmie in some bacon, and you have a meal fit for a king. For the best results make use of low heat and turn your sandwich often and always use cheese which melts into a beautiful and stringy almost lava-like form.

Roasted Sticky Chicken Wings

This snack is easy peasy to pop into the oven. Mix up enough chicken wings with a marinade of your choice. The next step is vital to avoid disappointment. Reconsider the number of wings which you have reserved for the occasion and then add to that, since this is a crowd pleaser and you want to be sure there is enough. Let them stand in the marinade for a little while and then pop them into the oven just before the anthems get sung. Turn them once, and they are ready to pop out as a halftime snack.

A Selection of Hotdogs

Hotdogs do not have to be boring, and they should most definitely not be annoying when you are watching brilliant rugby action. The options for what to serve with your hotdogs are as many as the current predictions on which team will lift the Webb Ellis high. Hotdogs can be served with ketchup or mayo, sweet chilli sauce, mustard or even hummus to name only a few. The choice of sausage can vary as much. Instead of a Vienna, why not try a great quality boerewors or some honey glazed pork sausages. Frankfurters and Russians are also great. These can be heated or grilled on the barbeque. If you truly want to cover all your needs, best is probably to prepare a few, for before the final whistle is blown, they’ll all be gone.