Pillsbury Brownies & Watermelon Mountain Dew for the Children

Birthday parties for children have become more exciting after the release of two products. Announcements were made by Pillsbury & PepsiCo, confirming their latest treats for children. Pillsbury was first to reveal their newest product, which resulted after partnering alongside Nabisco’s Oreo brand. Funfetti premier brownie mixes combined with Oreo cookie pieces have been released by Pillsbury. There isn’t any need to bake these delicious treats, as their consumable right from the package. Product analysts anticipate the “Pillsbury Funfetti Brownie Mix” will perform admirably in grocery chains across North America.

Pillsbury is providing a unique twitch to the Funfetti brownie mix, which normally contains sprinkles for added measure. Pillsbury marks the first corporate entity to partner alongside other manufacturers like Nabisco. Obtaining a product that combines the flavour profiles of Pillsbury & Nabisco will entice thousands of consumers.

It won’t be long before that prominent grocery chains like Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Zerhs, and Sobeys sustain the brownie mix. It’ll be available in 15.5oz boxes for $2.99. Individuals wanting to bake Pillsbury latest brownie mix can do-so in an 8×8 pan. Consumption is available without the need for baking. The release date is expected between January 1st to February 1st.

The Watermelon Mountain Dew from PepsiCo

Parents wondering which beverages are best paired alongside Pillsbury’s latest brownies won’t need to look any further. PepsiCo introduced the latest Mountain Dew variant, which is flavoured around watermelon. It creates a sensation similar to summer-esc drinks. PepsiCo confirmed that their latest beverage is becoming a pemanent product, meaning grocery chains like Target & Sobeys will sustain “Mountain Dew Major Melon” for years to come.

Availability will be supported in multiple beverage sizes. PepsiCo confirmed that 250ml cans are being sold, as are 500ml bottles & 2L bottles. Walmart & Meijer are the first grocers to provide availability via online purchase. Retail availability isn’t known, with Mountain Dew avoiding personnel entering designated hotspots in the United States & Canada.