The Wine Casino

If the combination of world-class wines and the excitement of gambling sounds like a dream immersed in the unadulterated pleasure dipped in decadence, then dream no more. Book your place at Casino Vinophil for an unrivalled experience of savouring delightful wines within the glittering environment of the casino industry.

Casino Vinophil is offering an exciting wine tasting experience combined with play and fun. Sommeliers present tastings at casino tables. These are, however, not your usual casino table but are designed with fields linked explicitly to the wine industry. Lady Luck is not so much the companion which you are looking for, but much rather a straight nose and a million-dollar tongue and taste buds. Once the casino is opened by either the host, moderator or a sommelier, a presentation of some special vino follows. Each performance is bespoke to the kind of event which you are attending.

nce you have become a specialist of the harvest presented to you, players move on to the casino tables armed with the much-needed chips. Good fortune is wished upon the players before tasting and smelling are turned into a thrilling experience. Players are confronted with questions regarding the region, vintage, techniques incorporated in the wine-making process and more. The winner earns the title of a true wine connoisseur and considering all the advantages of merely participating; there are no losers at the end of the night, which usually lasts for up to three hours.

Betting on Wine

When you are confident in your tasting skills, why not up the odds with a game of Sommelier Poker. Sommelier Poker is played at higher risks and greater rewards. The best vino from the European landscape is poured, and a wine connoisseur will drop tips and information as subtle as the hints of oak and mulberry in your glass to tasters to help them place the winning bet on their wine of choice.

For those who lean more towards Blackjack, Wine Blackjack is the perfect opportunity to separate the good from the great. A dangerous affair with wine in black glasses and then a pyramid of question arises, from easy to the more challenging. Initially, the easy questions inspire large bets, but soon the level of complexity increases and players realizes this is the danger zone and one which they can’t exit from until the end.

Casino Vinophil is a German invention. Based in Frechen, a town based in Rhein-Erft-Kreis in the North Rhine-Westphalia, but another beauty of this casino is that it only needs a mere few basic requirements and they are set to take the experience to your destination of choice. This indulgent experience is very mobile and willing to travel. Regardless of whether it is a trade fair you are hosting or a glamourous evening, the Casino Vinophil will bring the entertainment to you.