Themed Parties

Horse shaped cookies are fun, and many private parties now use the same horse-face shaped biscuits at themed parties. The cookies are great to enhance any racing day, whether it’s the Kentucky Derby or Triple Crown Races, Belmont Stakes or Preakness Stakes. No baking horse cookies are perfect even when you’re just in the mood to horse around. The horses are smiling, and it adds to the atmosphere, these are quick to prepare. The horse cookies are loved by youngsters and adults alike, and it’s an idea when you want everyone to have fun. 
You need any oblong-shaped cookie really, but the best is the Milano cookies as an everyday shell is essential. You also need a few mini Wafers such as Nilla, the cartoon eyes can be formed from a Tootsie Roll, and the liquorice strings gives you the freedom to make these attractive. Here is your shopping list for the smiling horse cookies that require no baking at all. 

  • 12 Milano cookies
  • Three strands rope liquorice
  • One small Tootsie Roll
  • 24 candy eyes
  • 12 mini Nilla wafers
  • Black food colouring pen 
  • You can also use black frosting with a writing tip
  • brown/white icing with a star tip
  • Toothpick

How to Make Your Smiling Horse Cookies

Get a workspace ready and take out a few tablespoons of brown and white frosting for the upper corner, this is where you will also need the toothpick; it’s great to use for the application process.

You can start by drawing a smiley face on the cookie by using the food colouring pen. Draw the faces onto all the mini Nilla Wafers you have in the packet. By using a tiny bit of frosting, you can attach the mini Nilla wafer at the bottom. It should follow the shape and curve of the Milano cookie.
When you are done with that, you can start cutting the long pieces of liquorice into ropes. Each of the articles should be 3-4 inches. Once you’re done you can carefully wrap these around each of the cookies try to get it in the midway. The idea is to attach these on the back, use a tiny bit of frosting to get it perfect and to trim the ends off nicely.  
The next thing you need is your kitchen shears to cut the Tootsie Roll into tiny pieces and even those you need to get into little pieces small enough to end up as the ears. The best way to get the triangular horse ears is to roll the bits between your fingers. When you got these done, you attach the ears to the cookie by using a tiny bit of frosting again. You add the candy eyes last and then your cookies are ready to serve and create smiles.