McDonald’s Updates Breakfast Menu with Pastries

The McDonald’s Corporation has updated its “All-Day Breakfast Menu” in the United States of America for the first time since 2012. Three other pastries have been announced for the breakfast menu. Those include an Apple Fritter, Cinnamon Roll, and Blueberry Muffin. These products are designated under the “McCafé Bakery Lineup” and won’t cost more than $1.50. Similar to most McCafé Bakery products, they’ll also support an All-Day Service.

However, bakery items are made fresh in the morning & not baked again until the next day. This means that by noon, most McCafé Bakery products have gone stale. Most states received the updated menu on October 28th. Some states will be delayed following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below we’ve provided details regarding each of the three McCafé Bakery items added to McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu.

  • The Apple Fritter: A baked good with cinnamon & apple mixed into a classic fritter. It’s then fried to a golden brown & drizzled with glaze icing. It’s similar to an Apple Fritter from Tim Hortons.
  • The Blueberry Muffin: Real blueberries are baked into an updated muffin recipe, with streusel crumb toppings added afterwards.
  • The Cinnamon Roll: Cream cheese icing & cinnamon is layered into a flaky pastry dough to create the McDonald’s McCafé cinnamon role.

McDonald’s USA issued an official press release regarding the updated McCafé Bakery menu. Vice President Linda VanGosen stated that their fast-food restaurant has become famous for its breakfast menu over five decades. McDonald’s USA hopes that the updated Bakery menu will provide customers with a needed savoury & tasty treat during the morning hours. Linda VanGosen mentioned that corporate is excited to see American’s response to the new menu updates, and hope that the Apple Fritter to Cinnamon Role will become widely adopted.

Shockingly, these three new products are the first additions to “McDonald’s Bakery Menu” since 2012. McDonald’s USA is infamous for not releasing new products outside their “Lunch Menu”. That’s why this announcement has garnered a positive response from supporters on Twitter & Instagram. Those wanting to test out the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, or Cinnamon Role must wait until October 28th.