Delicious Fall Treats from McDonald’s and Pillsbury

Large-scale corporations often release seasonal desserts. This hasn’t changed in 2020, with the arrival of fall & winter prompting two companies to announce their products for the upcoming festive season. The first was McDonald’s America, who reported that their reintroducing the Pumpkin & Crème Pie for a limited period. It’s expected that November 30th will mark the final date of availability for McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie.

Consumers electing to purchase the McDonalds Pumpkin Crème Pie will find texture variations between the flaky crust & doughy pockets located in between the flaked crust. The inside is where McDonald’s has added its iconic pumpkin crème, giving similar flavour profiles to the Thanksgiving dessert. Last time McDonald’s released this desert to consumers, its popularity was more than expected. It’s been a regular seasonal event with McDonald’s America. However, support for their northern brothers in Canada hasn’t been permitted since 2017.

The McDonalds Pumpkin Crème Pie is available for a limited time with select locations. Corporate-owned located will support the Pumpkin dessert until late into November. However, franchisees have the option to remove Pumpkin Crème Pie from their menu after the Thanksgiving holiday, meaning November 26th.

The Pillsbury Fall Cookies

Consumers not wanting to venture to their local McDonalds have delicious treats available at their local supermarkets, like Costco or Sam’s Club. It was announced on October 16th that Pillsbury is launching a “Sam’s Club Variety Pack” of their Pumpkin cookie dough. However, the Pumpkin flavour profile won’t be exclusive to this variety pack. Consumers can purchase smaller options at 6 to 12-packs. The variety pack will have 24 chocolate chip, 24 sugar cookies & 24 pumpkin cookies.

Pillsbury has worked with largescale retailers like Sam’s Club & Costco to reinvent their brand for modern consumers. This included creating cookie dough that can be eaten raw, which become widely popular & introduced worldwide under the Pillsbury brand. They’re hoping to showcase different flavour profiles with the Sam’s Club variety pack, with the average consumer selecting their chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully, consumers adopt the largescale variety pack for $5.98, a drastically low price for what’s received.