Lucky Charms Getting Ready for St Patrick’s Day

Breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. That’s why Lucky Charms is releasing a new variation of their cereal for consumers. It’ll be released ahead of Saint Patrick’s Day in an hour in the Lucky Leprechaun mascot used by this brand for decades. It was confirmed today that a limited-edition version of Lucky Charms with double chocolate cereal and Irish marshmallows would come to retail markets shortly. The packaging of Lucky Charms is also altered, with the box having a green and gold colour scheme. This brand hopes that consumers will have a more significant desire for Lucky Charms with these slight alterations during St Patrick’s Day. Previous years have always seen a percentage increase in profits for General Mills, the manufacturer of Lucky Charms.

The limited-edition rendition of Lucky Charms will have three new marshmallows for children and adults to devour. Those include gold coins, green shamrocks and golden pots. When it applies to flavour profiling, General Mills hasn’t altered the taste of their marshmallows. Subsequently, parents won’t have to worry about their children disliking the limited-edition Lucky Charms. General Mills confirmed that they’d be selling this product via Amazon & online grocery retail chains like Wal-Mart.

Parents will be prompted to purchase the limited-edition Lucky Charms. There’s a particular “Leprechaun Trap” on the back of this cereal box, acting like a maze for children. It’ll provide parents a moment of relief while their children play through the maze, trying to catch the Lucky Leprechaun. It’s also the perfect way for them to devour their cereal without any complaints. Those wanting to purchase the limited edition lucky charms will have to wait until March 2020. It should be noted that multiple other brands will alter their packaging for St Patrick’s Day.

Pop-Tarts Ice Cream

Sometimes we receive consumer products that we’d never imagine. It’s happened again with Pop-Tarts, as this corporation has partnered with the Good Humor Company. This partnership will create new ice cream bars for retail markets. Those who cannot remember, the Good Humour Company created multiple iconic brands use with ice cream trucks. Their most popular product in the Strawberry Shortcake Pop, which is being reformatted with flavour profiles from Pop-Tarts. There’ll be three flavours available for consumption. Those include Strawberry Shortcake Pop-Tarts, Cinnamon Bonanza and Vanilla. Consumers wanting to purchase this product will have to wait until June 2020.

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