Pringles Chips Partner with Rick & Morty

This week saw some surprising products announced for snack enthusiasts. The Pringles Company confirmed that they’ve parented with Rick and Morty, one of the most popular television franchises operated today. Rumours suggested that the two brands had engaged in discussions throughout early December. However, no official announcement was made until days before the Superbowl. Pringles announced that the Pick Rick Flavour would be released nationwide to grocery chains like Target, Walmart and Whole Foods. The associated flavour profiling connected to the Pick Rick Pringles is dill pickle, which is combined with ranch and fried pickles. This creates a unique combination of flavours that’ll leave Superbowl supporters shocked.

The Pringles Company is implementing a marketing strategy campaign in correlation with their new Rick Pick Chips. It’s expected that Rick and Morty will introduce consumers to the product in their regular hysterical fashion. It’s known that their commercial slot will be thirty seconds and have these two characters try to defeat the creators of the advertisement. It’ll be one of the most memorable commercials for the 2020 Superbowl.

Ben & Jerry’s Releases Vegan Ice Cream

There is a continuous push for a healthier lifestyle in our average daily lives. Numerous corporations have hopped on the opportunity to market their products towards this healthier lifestyle. The latest comes with Ben & Jerry’s, who announced an additional four flavours this week. It was confirmed that there’d be three cookie flavoured ice-creams available to consumers, all of which would be non-dairy. The 4th non-dairy flavour is associated with Netflix & Chill. This follows after Ben & Jerry announced their Netflix product less than fourteen days ago.

Those wondering if these non-dairy options will taste any different to their original predecessors shouldn’t be worried. Ben and Jerry’s guaranteed that the associated flavour profiles that come with Mint Chocolate, Milk/Cookies and Crème Brule haven’t been altered in any context. Those wanting to purchase these containers have two size options, the 1st being standard 500ml containers and the other’s being a full pint. This marks the first non-dairy pint-sized ice cream in North America. It should be noted that an additional two non-dairy products were released throughout January 2020. Those included the Caramel Chocolate Chunk Mini Cups and PBJ Cookie Cups. This was also the first time that Ben & Jerry’s created non-dairy mini cup products for consumers.