Holiday Drinks Arriving at Store Shelves

November to December marks the period which alcohol refineries will begin releasing their holiday products. These alcohol beverages are meant to entice consumers into having a more enjoyable & relieving time with loved ones, knowing full-well that the holidays can become stressful. Two manufacturers have announced returning & new beverages for consumers, with the first coming from Bacardi.

First introduced in December 2019, Bacardi has elected to reintroduce their Coquito liquor. It’s a “Ready-to-Drink” beverage that shares similarities to eggnog. It’s a beverage that originates from Puerto Rico, with Bacardi combining their White Rum with coconut cream & toasted spices. Additional flavour profiles include cinnamon & vanilla. Bacardi has specified that Coquito is gluten-free that supports a 13% ABV.

Consumers in the United States of America can locate their nearest alcohol dealer for Bacardi Coquito. It’ll cost $29.99 for a 750ml bottle. Fans of Bacardi Coquito should rush to purchase their bottle with popularity growing after Men’s Journal, Rolling Stones, and US Weekly all gave rave reviews of this beverage.

Peppermint Booze!

Bacardi has competition in the 2020 holiday market, with RumChata announcing the perfect holiday beverage to kick things up & make every party exciting. The Peppermint Bark from RumChata has returned with a 750ml bottle for $21.99. It’s the perfect alcohol for consumers that don’t want to overdo their consumption but also maintain an enjoyable time. That’s because there’s an alcohol percentage of 14% ABV. Consumers are recommended to put the RumChata Peppermint Bark in their coffee or cocktail.

RumChata provided a detail report on what ingredients are used during the refinery process. Standard flavour profiles associated with peppermint bark are included, such as White Chocolate & Dark Chocolate. Those are combined with Milk & Crushed Candy Canes for non-alcoholic ingredients. For alcohol consumption, there’s Caribbean Rum, Natural Flavouring, and Dairy Cream. Those wanting to purchase the RumChata Peppermint Bark Rum have to wait until November 1st when it’ll roll-out across US store shelves.

Readers uninterested with the two products suggested above have numerous options available at their local alcohol shops. However, we recommend Bacardi Coquito. It’s the perfect holiday beverage for a cold evening by the fireplace.