Christmas-Themed Alcohol Thriving in 2020

Alcoholic beverages surrounding the Holidays are often brewed for limited periods, serving a small quantity of customers during Christmas & Hanukkah. The latest brewing company to announce their latest beverage is “DuClaw Brewing Company”. On November 1st, DuClaw unveiled the Candy Cane Imperial Irish Stout.

DuClaw Brewing Company revealed the flavours & natural ingredients that were selected for the Candy Cane Imperial Irish Scout. Those ingredients include vanilla, peppermint, dark chocolate, peppermint, and vanilla bean. DuClaw Brewing Company confirmed that these ingredients have been added with their standard beer recipe, meaning an alcohol percentage of 8.5%.

The Director of DuClaw Brewery Operations unveiled their holiday-themed Irish Stout. Chris Wood noted that their goal with this recipe was creating a nostalgic taste with a new twist. Director Wood clarified that brewers had to deconstruct a classic candy cane and rebuild the recipe for a darker beer. The Director praised his staff for completing this challenge & creating a beverage that’s sweet but not overwhelming rich.

Aldi’s Christmas-Themed Wine

The DuClaw Brewing Company could find themselves challenged for domination in the US Market. Other alcohol manufacturers are competing for holiday market share, including Aldi. Aldi announced their latest sparkling wine named ChocoSecco, which combines the flavour profiles of white & dark chocolate into “Aldi Sparkling Wine”. It’s created a delicious beverage that’ll be hard for any other brewer to rival in 2020.

Furthermore, Aldi is releasing ChocoSecco to store shelves earlier in the US DuClaw’s Candy Cane Imperial Scout is releasing several days after Aldi’s sparkling what. That means consumers will have maintained time getting used to ChocoSecco & not the Candy Cane Imperial Scout. Additionally, the cost of Aldi’s product is considerably smaller than DuClaw. Consumers can purchase the Aldi ChocoSecco Sparkling Wine on November 25th for $6.99

Aldi is additionally releasing other holiday-themed drinks this November. On November 4th, consumers can purchase the “Connelly Strawberry Country Cream”. It’s the perfect mixer meant for alcohol-themed Christmas deserts. Consumers can also select the Blackberry Dark Red Wine & Raspberry Red Wine Blend on November 11th for the holidays. It’s recommended that readers contact their local liquor store to inquire if these beverages are available for purchase.