Christmas Cookie Sets for 2020

There isn’t anything better than enjoying some holiday treats with friends & family during the holidays, sitting close by the fireplace & Christmas tree without any worries. Multiple delicacy manufacturers are looking to capture the hearts & minds of consumers with products that cater to those very moments. It’s been confirmed by Oreo and Reese that they’re bringing back two iconic cookie-box sets at massive retailers in the United States. First to make their confirmation was Oreo, who revealed that the “Ultimate Dunking Set” is returning after being widely adopted by consumers in 2019.

Those purchasing the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set receive two glass mugs, two cookie holders, two cookie tongs, and two napkins themed around Oreo branding. Consumers are expected to pour milk into their cups & dunk their cookies. The tongs are meant to ensure that the full Oreo Cookie is submerged, without customers having to worry about their hands becoming dirty. It should be clarified that the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set comes with thirteen cookies. However, that’ll likely not be enough & another box of Oreo’s will be required.

The Reese Cookie Set

Reese’s were the second delicacy manufacturer to announce the return of their cookie set. It was revealed hours after Oreo announced their Ultimate Dunking Set, that Reese’s is rereleasing their “Cookie Skillet”. Consumers selecting the latter will receive the necessary ingredients & tools needed to make the perfect Christmas dessert.

The Reese’s Cookie Skillet Kit comes with peanut butter & chocolate chip mix. That’s completed by the peanut butter chips, which have flavour profiles associated with Reese’s iconic candy. Consumers also receive a themed skillet & spatula that’s designed around the Reese branding. The skillet is perfectly sized to make an identical Reese’s Cookie Skillset seen at restaurants throughout America.

Anyone wanting to purchase the 5.5-Ounce Reese’s Cookie Skillet Kit will find availability at Walmart, Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club for $14.99. It should be clarified that both products are available on these retailers’ digital storefronts, ensuring that delivery during Covid-19 is supported. Costumers are likely to see these products go on-sale before brick & mortar locations, giving additional incentive with the online shopping variant.