Edgy, refined – The Social Club Where Connoisseurs Congregate

Location: Cape Town, the social club that most certainly stirs up the best restaurant and bar scene is sophisticated yet edgy.

Whimsical Design of Modern-Meets-Colonial

Velvet, tasselled bucket chairs enhanced by men riding penny-farthings in the background, on the wallpaper sets the tone. The wooden floors from Herringbone have layers upon layers of exquisite Persian carpets.nriching E the atmosphere is the French rattan screen and marble table tops with mint-shaded legs.

The venue described is one of the best in the world, it is The Athletic & Social Club. Opened on the 14th of December 2018, The Athletic Club & Social invites visitors to enjoy its whimsical design of modern-meets-colonial. Extensive renovations took place to the older grand building, the interiors scream class, while the service and beverages are a cut above the rest. Want to be part of it all, get a membership card.

The Athletic & Social Club

The main question is how what does this fantastic social hotspot has to do with athletics and secondly; how did it all start? The building on Buitendag Street was built back in the 1900s, and the owner was both a huge sports fanatic as well as a pharmacist. Herbert Tothill transformed the building into a sport gathering place that welcomed all sports stars and fans from all races. It was here where fans and sports stars could raise a glass or two to great winnings. From the start, it was an exclusive club, which at first was in the basement of the building. The converted basement welcomed all sorts of individuals to enjoy socialising together, regardless of race or status. This was the principal place where everyone could socialise without ever being arrested in violating the then apartheid laws of the Group Areas Act.

Vintage Cabinets & Décor Keep Building History Ever-Present

Framed newspaper clippings, old cabinets displaying trophies and the décor keeps the history of the club/building alive. Memorabilia and old sports equipment grace the wall and embellish all the surfaces in The Athletics & Social Club. The architecture featuring three floors is home to numerous niches, each utterly unique in their own right. The restaurant is based on the second floor, while the first floor is home to a stunning bar and two more is to be added.

A second bar is also situated one level down, and a private seating area is created by the creative way the stools and chairs are arranged. A third bar is also located at the top of the stairs, everyone is thirsty after climbing stairs, so it’s perfect. A maze of rooms can be selected from, the front of the building offers the opportunity to enjoy a far-stretching view via its great balcony. The view over Signal Hill is the most favoured during summer nights and shared with sport fan friends; it could hardly get better.

Mediterranean-Theme Menu @ The Athletic & Social Club

The menu is dominated by a Mediterranean-theme and offers three different types of tapas, including seafood, meat and vegetarian. The surprisingly large portions are providing high value for money, and all praise its quality. Any sports fan looking for excellence are bound to love The Athletic & Social Club.