Extraordinary Casino Locations

Excellent casino locations instantly recall large cities such as Macau, Monaco or even more familiar that of Las Vegas, These are indeed all cities offering the most exciting gambling experiences, but thrill-seekers want something different from time to time. This article takes casino enthusiasts to locations they never thought would provide the best casino gaming experience, imaginable.

We are focussing on untraditional establishments offering casino gaming enthusiasts that little bit of different coupled with luxury, extravagance and everything else they thought they’d never experience.

Get Aboard to Gain Access to the Most Remarkable Casino Jet Lounge

Deliquescence and Airjet Designs joined powers and designed and created the unique passenger jet in the world. The Casino Jet Lounge is exclusive in many ways, starting by its location that is on an aircraft.

The fully functional casino allows you to roll the dice all over the world and the location changes as you play. Travelling in the Casino Jet Lounge offers casino players the opportunity to wager in the clouds, well the sky is certainly not the limit here.

The Casino Jet Lounge situated in an aircraft features a bar, numerous table games and this space is big enough for passengers to walk around. In essence, this impressive gaming establishment is a must-enjoy experience for every adventurous gambler.

United Kingdom’s Most Extravagant Gambling Venue

The North Cadbury Court is tucked away in one of the most beautiful and quietest villages in Yeovil. Those who have had the pleasure to visit the North Cadbury Court describes it as the most extravagant casino. The gambling experience in England could also qualify as unique in the world.

North Cadbury Court is located in the original medieval hall as it was called in the 1300s. It features a dining hall with seating for over 90 individuals and 21 bedrooms. After its recent renovation, the wine caves basements were transformed into a sophisticated underground casino hub. The North Cadbury Court also has a ballroom hosting up to 150 guests. The underground casino offers low ceilings. With a blackjack table, separate poker room and a roulette wheel, you could become one of 25 lucky players to enjoy the most exclusive gambling experience.

Sun City Resort in South Africa

Listed as one of the super-casinos, Sun City Resort is located in the North West province of South Africa. While the casino is luxurious and huge, it is the location that makes it super unusual. Visiting the Sun City Resort not only offers a memorable gambling experience, but punters can also enjoy a safari adventure to observe abundant wildlife and animals. The resort also features a human-made ocean experience, several hotels, condos. Hours of enjoying cocktails in the Africa sun around the pool is part of the experience, while the resort offers several boutique shops, fantastic restaurants and a variety of top bars. The large venue located at the resort features international artists, and it is also the location where Freddie Mercury once entertained his South African fans.