Casino Destinations with Exquisite Wine

Macau, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Singapore all have more in common than their exuberant casino industry. They are also home to some of the most exquisite wine labels which are often paired with the world of glamour and excitement. For ages already, the casino industry and alcohol goes hand in hand. The latter usually being served by servers dressed as seductively as the industry itself.

This is a combination set on the silver screen. Whatever your choice of tantalization in a fancy glass, eloquently presented, you will find it on a silver platter in any casino. Others sometimes prefer a cold beer to calm the nerves, but wine is as much of a perfect partner to the industry as any other alcoholic refreshment on offer.

Marilyn Merlot

This immaculate range is a perfect companion in any casino. The field exists of roughly ten vintages each dressed in a very hot nude photo of Miss Monroe, taken in 1949. Sometimes wine labels cause such an excellent reason for the interest that the consumer can’t pass on the offer, and the Marilyn Merlot is most definitely one of these desirable bottles. To take into account that not all in the presence of the beautiful label wants to be confronted with the lovely exterior of Marilyn Monroe, some consideration was put into place. The name is covered in a peel and peek protective layer which will reveal the pure Marilyn seduction only to those brave enough to look. Marilyn Merlot is available in 1.5-litre bottles each packaged uniquely. Due to its size, this is a great bottle to share with friends, to celebrate the beauty of life and the human physique.

Jack Cellars

JACK is indeed the acronym for Jack, Ace, Queen and King. What better name can a wine label served in the glitz of a casino possibly have? This label is indeed also the official wine served during the World Series of Poker held each summer in the lovely Las Vegas. The brand hit an all-time high in interest when the series celebrated 40 years in the industry. Since then, it only grew in importance in the casino industry globally and became a much-loved favourite to many casino patrons.

The label plays along very well with some superstition and the belief in luck with every label showcasing a gaming quote related to gambling printed on the cork. Also, the story on the back label is intended to inspire with a unique tale on every bottle. JACK cellars are also well-known for their great variety of gaming apparel on offer as well as their uniquely branded gaming cards.

Because online gaming and sports betting is a growing phenomenon, those who prefer to indulge in a bit of poker or blackjack from the comfort of their own homes are free to create their traditions. Finding your perfect gambling drink is bringing a little bit of luck and a whole lot of excitement.