Celebrity Chefs

Living in the glamorous world of bright lights, seductive fame and exquisite dining, brilliant chefs are bound to achieve celebrity status sooner or later. These are the cooks who moved up into the ranks of culinary delight and right into the kitchens situated on Las Vegas Boulevard. There are too many names to include in this list. Hence these are only a few of the greatest culinary artists, cooking up a storm in the desert of dreams.

Joël Robuchon

Robuchon defines what it means to be a celebrity chef in the competitive world of Vegas cooking. Both his restaurants are situated in the MGM Grand. The L’Atelier Las Vegas de Joël Robuchon and the Joël Robuchon Restaurant is home to his exquisite recipes being prepared in a culinary show of an open-exhibition kitchen. The décor serving as the backdrop of this delightful feast are classy and sleek and dressed in black and red seduction. Missing out on Robuchon creations is missing out on the part of what Vegas personifies.

Guy Savoy

Master of the kitchen in Restaurant Guy Savoy, one of the many showpieces of Caesars Palace, is Guy Savoy himself. Two Michelin stars are the feather in the hat of the genius behind a 13-course tasting menu, a caviar room, an extensive wine list and the main character in the culinary performance to be appreciated from the private chef’s table. From the foundations of French cooking in Paris, Savoy rose to be a Vegas kitchen master.

José Andrés

The accolades behind this Spanish chef piles up. If receiving the recognition of being the James Beard Outstanding Chef isn’t enough, Time magazine also listed him as one of the 100 most Influential People. Every night two seatings are served with his avant-garde cuisine with a Spanish influence. Every accommodation includes a magnificent 21 courses of tantalizing flavours, unashamedly seducing the palates of patrons.

Guy Fieri

Former student to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, fell in love with the Vegas vibe and it fell in love with him in return. This love became so involved and intertwined that in the end, the two identities indeed became one, united for life. Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen, a major attraction in the Linq Hotel is most probably the greatest icon in all of Vegas of celebrity restaurants. Here patrons are spoiled with big entrees, Vegas-style burgers, fries and excellent service. Any time of day or night when the hunger for Vegas cuisine becomes a call to be answered, you will find what you need while enjoying immaculate views on the Strip.

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay is no stranger to the culinary world nor beyond. Owner to five Las Vegas restaurants with Hell’s Kitchen in Caesars Palace as the set where the fiery passion for culinary perfection often caught alight, leaving some invigorated and others burned to mere ashes. Rooted in the decadence of Las Vegas, yet his shadow as culinary master falls far beyond the desert’s horizons.