McDonald’s Releases Vegan Burger in Germany

Germany will receive its first fast-food vegan burger from McDonald’s. The burger chain is launching its new vegan-friendly product across all locations. Ever since the Vegan Diet became popular in Germany, there has been a push for fast food corporations to launch healthier options for consumers. This new burger is made out of soy and wheat, with the name of the “Big Vegan TS Burger” and is available with a sesame seed bun, tomato, pickles, red onion and a side salad. For those wondering, McDonald’s has confirmed that their new vegan option for Germans tastes like meat and doesn’t have any animal by-products. McDonald’s also confirmed that their Vegan Burger is cooked in new factories located in Europe, ensuring that no meat has come in contact with the burger.

The Spokesman for McDonald’s Germany, Phillip Wachholz, noted that improving their vegetarian and vegan options is a significant concern for the subsidiary. April 29th is the launch date for the Big Vegan TS Burger and will be available at all corporate branches of McDonald’s in Germany. Franchisees have the option to participate in the upcoming product launch. It also should be noted that the Big Vegan TS Burger is replacing the Veggie Burger TS at German McDonald’s, which includes the regular and McMenu variations.

Germany Vegan Market

The last consensus that occurred across Germany for Vegan-Friendly citizens was in 2016. Back then it was estimated that more than 1.3 million individuals were living by a plant-based diet. It’s estimated that the number has increased by 25% in the last four years. That means that roughly 1.8 million citizens across Germany don’t eat meat, dairy or fish. Social media has begun expressing their happiness towards the new Vegan option at McDonald’s. There are multiple vegetarian options at fast food locations across the country, but this marks the first time that a product is entirely vegan. Test markets approved of the burger, noting that there is hardly any difference in taste between the Big Vegan TS and the Big Mac. Surely this will make the upcoming product a major seller across Germany.

The announcement that vegan products would be released at McDonald’s in Germany comes after McDonalds International released a similar item in the United Kingdom. McDonald’s International tested their first-ever vegan product in the UK, with estimations ranging that it now accounts for 5 to 7% of domestic sales from the United Kingdom. Per the success of the German Release, McDonald’s could release vegan products worldwide.