Unsalted Peanuts Save Lives

New statistics from health standard organizations have revealed most unsalted nuts aren’t unhealthy to eat. This information comes after decades of doctors and food scientists claiming that any member of the nut family could cause adverse side effects if consumed in bulk. However, it has now been revealed that when unsalted nuts are eaten regularly, it has positive health benefits for humans. This includes unsalted walnuts, pistachios and almonds. These nuts will assist individuals will lowering their risk of strokes and heart attacks. It’s expected that those who eat nuts twice per week are 17% less likely to pass away from cardiovascular disease.

The Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute of Iran provided these new statistics, with the head doctor speaking to health reporters after the announcement was made. He noted that nuts have low percentages of saturated fat but have an abundance of unsaturated fats. This allows for nuts to have minerals, protein, fibre, vitamins, polyphenols and phytosterols. All of these ingredients help assist with better heart health. The institutes head doctor noted that this information has slightly been known in North America and Europe but isn’t practised in either Asia or the Middle East.

The study was released at a public forum in front of thousands of world-leading cardiologists. The World Summit for Cardiologists showcased the study, which examined the benefits between peanuts and lowering cardiovascular disease. The study noted that regular consumption of peanuts could assist upwards of 20% of Iran’s Popular. It’s estimated that adults in Iran aged 35 and up are far more likely to have a heart attack, with roughly five thousand adults having one last year without any prior cardiovascular disease problems throughout their family history.

The Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute recommends that individuals in Iran should increase their eating of Hazelnuts, Seeds, Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts and Unsalted Nuts. The institute is also tracking willing citizens with their health growth from eating these natural treats. Researchers are curious to see if they can decipher which part of the nut releases minerals, vitamins and protein. Research began in 2013 and isn’t expected to end until 2023. Their test results show that individuals who don’t eat nuts had a 59% increased chance at having a stroke, heart disease or total cardiovascular disease. However, it’s estimated that no more than 3.8% of the popular will pass away from heart attacks in Iran during 2020.