Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Walnut Cheese

Few recipes guarantee the approval of all dinner guests at the kitchen table. Challenges typically arise when pleasing the taste buds of family members, friends, or house guests. Those challenges are erased with the “Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Walnut Cheese” recipe down below. This recipe will create savoury undertones through a combination of different flavours, leaving the impression of smoked bacon, blue cheese & walnut. Pairing this with an aged red wine heightens flavour profiles to new levels.
Below we’ve provided our readers with an in-depth recipe. This included the ingredients, directions, and nutrition facts.

Recipe Summary

  • Preparation time is 20 minutes.
  • Cook time is 35 minutes.
  • Full recipe time is 55 minutes.
  • Serves four dinner guests.


  • Two boneless & skinless chicken breasts that are cut to horizontal halves.
  • Eight ounces of blue cheese that comes crumbled.
  • Six ounces of bagged walnuts that are halved, candied nuts are permitted.
  • Eight slices of smoked maple bacon.


  • Step One – Preheat the oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit, or 175 Degrees Celsius.
  • Step Two – Take the halved boneless & skinned chicken breasts, pounding them until a thickness of 1/4th inches. Afterwards, spread the walnuts & blue cheer over each of the four pieces of chicken.
  • Step Three – Layout two slices of bacon onto a sanitized surface, placing each halved chicken onto either the left or right side of the bacon slice. Roll accordingly at a slow pace & then secure the bacon with two toothpicks. Repeat the process for the remainder of chicken breasts.
  • Step Four – Cooks want to heat their skillet at a medium to high temperature, cooking the bacon-wrapped chicken breasts before entering the over. Each side should take four to five minutes, eventually becoming brown. Observe to ensure burning doesn’t occur before placing into the oven. After putting the chicken breasts into the over, it’ll take 25 – 35 minutes to cook thoroughly. Make sure to place another toothpick into the chicken & check for blood before eating.

Nutrition Facts

Cooking this meal maintains a low calory count when dividing by four. There are 636.6 Calories attributed to 36.6 Grams of Protein. Cholesterol levels for Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Walnut Cheese are 93 Milligrams. There is also 7.4 Grams of Carbohydrates & 1238.3 Milligrams of Sodium.