K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen Permanently Shuts Down

Iconic restaurants located throughout the United States are shutting down amid the coronavirus pandemic. Revenue streams have depleted by an average of 90% for most American dining locations, with no state being safe from lost profits in the hospitality industry.

New Orleans recently had fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina, which will have occurred fifteen years ago on August 23rd. COVID-19s pandemic imposed a significant volume of additional problems that could take longer to resolve for New Orleans, a town dependent on tourism seem year-round. Hotels & Resorts, Entertainment Venues, Restaurant Dining Locations, and Sports Facilities are all facing permanent closures if tourism isn’t sustained at average values.

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans is the 19th restaurant to announce their closure. It’s an iconic dining experience that was founded in 1979 by Kay Hinrichs & Paul Prudhomme. Both operated K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen until 2015 when Mr Prudhomme died from natural causes. He was their Executive Chef since the beginning, training his niece in the passion of cooking before dying. She maintained the position of Executive Chef for five years before the COVID-19 pandemic broke-out in America.

Brenda Prudhomme (Paul Prudhomme’s Niece) confirmed the closure on August 13th, with the news still being learned by thousands of locals in New Orleans. Brenda thanks everyone that attended their dining halls, consumed their delicious foods, and drank martini’s while sharing stories with their loved ones. Brenda finalized her sentiments by remarking she’ll treasure the memories made at K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen with her uncle. Extending that she’ll also hold onto the memories made with the staff & customers.

Lack of Details

Brenda Prudhomme didn’t provide details on the exact reasoning for closure. It’s presumed that the financial impacts associated with COVID-19 are forcing Paul’s Niece to terminate operations. It’s a similar story for numerous dining locations in the United States, with the Independent Restaurant Coalition clarifying that 85% of all hospitality eateries will shutdown by Summer 2021. It’ll mark the most significant number of closures since the Great Depression. Regardless, it’s saddening to know that K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen couldn’t survive the financial onslaughts of COVID-19.