Three New Kinds of Cereal for May 2020

North America has re-adopted Cereal into their daily breakfasts, with customer acquisition rates growing by 23% over the last six months for manufacturers like General Mills. It’s prompted these manufacturers to release new products to retail consumers, with that including two unexpected guests like IHOP and Pillsbury.

Three new kinds of Cereal have been released for May 2020, with the 1st being Pillsbury’s Funfetti Cereal. This brand is meant more for those who crave sweets than want a healthy breakfast. Flavour profiles will resemble vanilla cake in different colour balls to resemble Funfetti. Colour pairings include Orange, Green, Pink, and Blue Balls. Small sprinkles are added to each cereal ball, creating a lively and exciting breakfast for children.

The Walmart Company is the 1st retailer to sell this product In-Store and Online. Consumers can purchase an 18.9Oz Box for $1.34, with this Cereal being exclusive to American customers. Pillsbury PR Representatives didn’t clarify if this product will move more towards international shelves, with this being highly unlikely.

IHOP Creates 1st Cereal

The IHOP Company announced they’re entering the retail cereal market through Twitter on April 30th. This unique Cereal will include pancake flavour profiles, with each piece of Cereal designed as a mini pancake. PR Representatives making this posting revealed that this Mini Pancake Cereal would have syrup flavour profiles as well. When asked when this product will be officially released during May, the date wasn’t clarified by PR Representatives. This standard practice often leads social media accounts dedicated to certain retain products to locate these new items themselves. Watch Instagram accounts like @CerealLife for more information.

General Mills – Minions Vanilla Cake Cereal

The General Mills Company is releasing another new product, competing against Pillsbury’s Funfetti Cake Cereal. This is being accomplished through specialized product marketing with “Minions: The Rise of Gru”. General Mills confirmed that their releasing a Vanilla Cake inspired Cereal, which will include marshmallows. The Minions cereal is targeted towards children and will support Red/Yellow/Blue balls. It’ll also create a new breakfast cereal for American children. It should be mentioned that this Cereal will release in late May for $2.50 per box.