Candy Names Inspired by Casino Games

If you love all forms of gambling, including online sports betting, casino games or video slots, you might want to get the perfect treat to go with your entertainment. We’re talking the sugary taste of sweets that will sweeten your session at the poker table, roulette table and even during your session at the blackjack table. Grab some cash and join us, we go shopping for sweets inspired by casino games; it’s the best way to get a sugar rush.


Playing blackjack, you need to get blackjacks sweets, these aniseed-flavoured candies are a great way to optimise your experience at the table. You could enjoy Britain’s most popular candy also in fruit salad flavour, the penny chew cost a bit more but they so worth every bite. At first, the blackjacks were a product by Trebor Bassett; the sweets factory later merged with Cadbury. The wrapping has since changed, but up until 1980, a smiling golliwog could be seen on the wrapping.
When you rush out to try blackjacks you’ll be happy that these come in packs of 15 and with the aniseed flavour, you won’t want to put them down. Now some say if you overindulge, you could experience a tiny bit of a laxative effect. It might even make your teeth discolour for a while, but it’s a candy you should give a try.

Haribo Roulette

When you play roulette, the only thing as sweet as a victory is the sweet taste of Haribo roulettes. Before you start tossing the chips onto the table, first go on a hunt for Haribo roulettes, which could be quite challenging to find. Do what it takes to hunt these down and get multiple packs they taste great. Giving you some idea of what to expect, Haribo roulette feels more or less like gummi bears, but they don’t have the shape of tiny bears. Haribo sweets are shaped to look like chips form the casino, and they’re colours are that of the roulette table. The candy is fruity and sweet and loved by grown-ups and kids.

Cherry Drops

Slots flavoured sweets, well there are tons and the most popular are the cherry drops. The hard-boiled sweets give you a variety of tastes. They originated from cough drops, and now they offer you the taste of the red cherry in slots on top. The sweets originated from Germany and were first made by William Mueller in his factory in Duisburg in 1949. It is made up of purely natural ingredients added to copper kettles and boiled to perfection.
But the Smith bothers from the US claims originality to the sweets, you’ll hear all about it when you go near Poughkeepsie. The brothers got the recipe for cough drops in 1852, and they claim they made the first sweet and sour cherry drops. Then there is George Bassett the man most known for Liquorice Allsorts who claims he made cherry drops in 1842.