The Floating Island & Bar for Summer

Eating our favourite foods during the summer holidays is something everyone looks forward to worldwide. The concept of tasting delicious treats & savoury foods while floating on the water is desirable for most, with companies worldwide trying to cater to those consumers. Have some premade burgers & sandwiches when purchasing the Tropical Tahiti Floating Island, a Six-Person Inflatable Boat that supports a small pool. Enjoy a delicious alcoholic beverage while sitting on one of two lounge chairs, with four additional seating options by the tiny pool. Rest your feet in the water & drink any worries away.

Some readers might be concerned that the elements of water will destroy their savoury food. Don’t fret though, as the Tropical Tahiti Floating Island has two coolers built into its design. Just add ice & you’re ready to pack away any drinks, food, or treats. It should be mentioned that each seating option supports cup holders. Accounting for all these attributes make this a low-cost alternative to traversing your local lake without any worries. The best thing about purchasing this floating island is the “Boarding Platform”, which acts like a Dive Board when stationary. Switch between swimming & resting in the sun at any time.

Those that purchase the Tropical Tahiti Floating Island must be members of Sam’s Club. It’s exclusively being delivered to customers in the United States, with a Disclaimer mentioning the notable size of this Air-Assisted Vessel. Consumers will need to account for the fact that their floating island will be 15x9x2.5 Feet in Diameter. Four handlers are available so that it can easily be traversed to the water, with an air pump required with this purchase. You can receive a special combo at Sam’s Club Online today for $149.99.

Drink Away!

Those wanting to double-down on their summer drinking adventures should consider the “Bestway H20 GO”, which acts as a portable Sandbar Island within any body of water. This 8×8 Feet Inflatable Sandbar costs $55.99 at Sam’s Club and supports a detachable cooler. It’s perfect for swimming around in shallow waters. It’s recommended not to drink in deep waters for safety concerns.