You Can Bet Your Burgers!

Have you ever heard about food casinos? These are created for those with the munchies, and in the world’s first food casino, you get free chips and a burger for participating. Gamble with your free chips and burger and you get to win even more food. The free casino chips are not the casino chips you might have in mind, as these are French fries or as the Brits call them potato chips.

The Fun Fifties

If you love the 1950s era, then London’s diner called Raise the Steaks is the place to be. Party non-stop in 1950’s style and enjoy a party fuelled by puns, burgers and gambling. Known as the fun era, it was rock music that was loved by the young and strongly disapproved by the elders. Elvis Presley broadcasted in black and white entered living rooms and colour television only arrived in 1951. Everyone loved dancing, and most took lessons, while the entire family went to drive-in movies to watch films like The Twilight Zone and Leave it to Beaver as well as I Love Lucy.

The Food Casino

The idea of the Food Casino was never meant to be based on the era but came from a promotional idea when a new gambling site was ready to launch its 1950’s inspired website. The website combined good times with food and casino entertainment and was inspired by the 50’s diners. The idea of combining an all-American fun experience with food and classic casino games became a brilliant marketing strategy.

Rules at the Raise the Steaks Food Casino

Pretty straightforward rules are in place at the Food Casino, and it follows traditional gambling rules. The currency is food, and all participants bet via chips (French fries). The aim is to win sides, milkshakes or even a steak showed on the menu. Once a participant runs low on ships, either via unlucky bets or being hungry, more chips can be bought via a donation of £5. The idea of eating your chips when you get the munchies are super cool or though it could mean that you are going to make quite a few donations.

Food Fight or Simply Throwing Your Chips on The Table

The strategy to win remains the same, and the whole fun idea is to throw your chips on the lucky number on the roulette table. The aim is to gain much more than you could eat. The food gaming fun also includes going all-in during the dessert round by betting a double muffin and maybe ending the fun with a blackjack milkshake. You get to exchange your chip-winnings for things like cheesecake or onion rings.

The Raise Your Stakes Food Casino enable diners to gamble for their three-course dinner, and this American-style diner is a pop-up in London’s Soho. Enter the casino, and you get a small portion of fries, those who counted says it is 20 chips and you can bet them on roulette to try and win your three-course dinner.