What Makes Italian Food so Addicting in the Big City

Italian food has been a staple cultural dish in major cities for decades. While the love for authentic Italian dishes is growing across the United States, it’s nearly undeniable that going to certain cities, New York, for example, will treat you to a golden platter of some of the best Italian food that you could possibly dream of. For decades, going anywhere in New York meant smelling a line of rich dishes from a variety of different cultures – but something about passing the Italian restaurant always seemed to be more alluring. This could be due to the seeming exclusiveness of passing by an authentic Italian restaurant while on a typical commute. Before you think twice about going into the lavish Italian restaurant with a mini waterfall and meals that cost half of the price of a ring, you should always consider visiting one of smaller, cosier Italian places to try a piece of authentic Italian heaven.

The Taste of Italy in New York

In New York, as well as other cities, it’s always seen that some culture restaurants will eventually become a powerhouse that is filled with the timeless lavish feeling if high-class wine and dining. Though, some of the appeals of Italian food, other than the taste, stems from the number of Italian restaurants that don’t have that high-class feeling. Some of the best ones are the ones that make you feel like your family coming home to try a homecooked meal.

Even in Italy, many tourists and residents will be more willing to pint someone in the direction of one an Italian restaurant that has the “mom and pops” classic feel to it before a fancy and large restaurant. This is mainly because that these kinds of places have the idea that the best way to make an Italian dish taste like a piece of heaven is to make sure it has the true Italian charm that can be seen in the country.

Though why the reason why Italian food tastes like such a perfect creation is still unknown, one reason is due to the combination of spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients. In addition, the culinary influence does take inspiration from classic dishes from the Roman Empire before its collapse. Though any fan of Italian food can say with confidence that no matter if the dish is meat related, pasts, pizza, or any one of mouthwatering desserts – Italians always have a way of adding an extra bit of ‘oomph’ that makes the dish taste like something out of a culinary magazine.

Historical Perspective

To add a bit of a historical perspective on the addiction to Italian food, imagine the influx of Italian immigrants who came to the big apple decades ago. While they may not have spoken English, these immigrants relied on one thing they knew off the back of their hands – their homemade dishes at home. While some Italians who open restaurants have added influences that they have gotten in the big city, or even while travelling, they always seem to incorporate it in such a way that makes the dish unique. No matter where you may go, always give one of the authentic looking Italian places a try. While they’re filled with great food, they’re also filled with a rich history that can be tasted in between the bites of your meal.