Walmart’s Cotton Candy Grape Juice

Consumers are occasionally introduced to odd flavours that one wouldn’t expect, with Walmart entering this unique marketspace with their “Cotton Candy Flavored Grape Juice from Great Value”. It’s an exclusive product for Walmart consumers that’s meant to sustain sweet flavour profiles. Most adults will avoid consuming that Cotton Candy Grape Juice, knowing it’d be extreme for their taste buds. For parents needing to give their children a healthy & delicious beverage, the Cotton Candy Grape Juice will be a desirable product.

Grape juice is infused with cotton candy tinctures, enabling a competitive taste that outweighs competing beverages. Those brave enough to test this drink have expressed it tastes exactly like cotton candy, with after-taste resembling green grapes. An exponential benefit regarding this beverage is that sugar isn’t added, meaning that diabetic consumers are permitted to drink the Cotton Candy Grape Juice. It should be clarified that CC Grape Juice has been around previously from Great Value. However, Great Value standardly released the beverage in summer to Trader Joe’s & Costco. This marks the first time they’ve targeted Walmart for distribution, while releasing the unique Grape Juice during the winter holidays.

Consumers interested in this delicious beverage for their children can purchase a 64-Ounce Bottle at Walmart for $2.48. Walmart hasn’t implemented any availability limits onto this Juice, meaning consumers can purchase as many Bottles as desired. Details weren’t provided on the timeframe that Great Value’s Cotton Candy Grape Juice will remain in Walmart. There’s a possibility that this product could become a permanent addition.

The Christmas Tree

Consumers are welcomed to taste this beverage while standing beside their new 6-Foot Christmas Tree from Walmart, which costs $22. This product has obtained 150+ incredible reviews with five stars from consumers purchasing the fake Christmas tree. It’s a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom, or playroom.