Thousand’s of Dollars for a 15 Course Meal

Located in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Sublimotion is not only the most expensive restaurant in Ibiza, Spain but also the priciest in the world. Run by Paco Roncero, a 2-star Michelin Chef utilising molecular gastronomy, the Sublimotion won the Best Innovation Food and Beverage award in 2014.

Situated in Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza

Sublimotion restaurant charges around $3,000 for a 15-course meal, serve only twelve individuals a night and only a few very lucky guests enjoy this experience, or should we say its only for the wealthy. The communal tables in the restaurant serve as a type of canvas, upon it is various light installations project different images as the night progresses. A spokesman for the Daily Mail says the images engage diners, most describe as technology that gets the imagination wandering through a world of sensations. The servings include cold snacks form the North Pole carved on an iceberg, while the meal also offers baroque from Versailles where the most elegant of roses melts in the palate of the twelve seated.

Paco Roncero Best Known for Spanish Cuisine

No menu is available to anyone, but the food is prepared by Paco Roncero, who is known throughout the world for his cooking unconventional, Spanish cooking. At his Hong Kong restaurant called View 62, guests enjoy port wine infused tapas of low temperature, tuna belly toast and roasted peppers. Roncero’s restaurant in Madrid offers visitors to one of the best restaurants in the capital of Spain, dishes such as yucca and dates served with Iberian pork.

Sublimotion Restaurant Serve Food at Prices Few Others Can Compete With

There are only a few of the finest restaurants around the globe that could try competing and none of those offers a menu that comes close to Sublimotion in price. It is a set menu that is served at the Sublimotion, but diners can also order from the available a la carte menus, although it could rack up the bill quite quickly. When it comes to expensive choices, the Sirocco Restaurant in Bangkok is known for serving desserts that cost from around £540 or more, but then it is special and complemented by a rare wine or even cognac.

Go for Gold When You Do Splash Out on Fancy Dinners

Reading this you might have already wondered if none of the fancy restaurants in New York can compete with Sublimotion. The Golden Opulence in New York serves an ice Cream Sundae made from Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Amedei Porceleana chocolate, 23-carat gold leaf, gold dragets, Chuao chocolate enhanced by grande passion caviar and infused by fresh passion fruit that can be ordered at a cost of $1,000.
Book Now and Grab Your Seat at Sublimotion

It took chefs, illusionists, architects, engineers, choreographers and set designers two years of intense planning and work to achieve the perfect result, it is seen as a major breakthrough in technology so dining at the first gastronomic in the world, will set you a few thousand dollar back, if you book early enough and become one of only twelve served on any given night.