The Most Loved Casino Drinks

Casinos have a unique ambience, a glamour that is enticing and drinks to suit their patrons’ taste. Over time certain drinks became acclaimed for their regular rendezvous at the poker tables or their flirtatious affair at the slot machines. Which are these drinks commonly enjoyed by the glamorous connoisseurs of the casino world?

The Drinks

  • Bloody Mary – Valued for its contribution to the road of recovery after a night of audacious indulgence. After celebrating the night before, nothing will get you back into action like the famous Bloody Mary. With tomato juice, vodka and lemon juice jazzed up with Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and some celery for greenery in the glass.
  • Vodka Martini – This drink wins the prize for versatility and can be served according to many various taste preferences. Dry or dirty or even the bond version with gin instead of vodka are all on the list. Always a safe choice regardless of whether you are a regular to the scene or a newbie making your debut.
  • G & T – Refreshing when the tension heats up as well as a global favourite. No other drink recuperates mind and body after a long day or night at the tables. Merely magnificent and so easy to reproduce with only a dash of gin to a glass of tonic and a squeeze of lemon, served in a highball with some ice.
  • Mint Julep – This drink is especially favoured in the southern parts of the United States. This is due to the bourbon which the region is famous for. Bourbon has over time proven itself as a brilliant mixer for various cocktails, not only the Mint Julep. Yet with some mint leaves and simple syrup and a touch of lemon, this drink served with some crushed ice in a highball is a great thirst quencher and a casino favourite.
  • Old Fashioned – This drink is another where bourbon proves itself as a brilliant canvas for any cocktail. No need to drink bourbon straight as long as these significant variations of the old favourite is available. With some bitters and simple syrup and a twist of orange, you have a brilliant drink to take off the edge before a night of relaxation and excitement.
  • Margarita – The most popular drink in Nevada and casino goers can chill on this for hours. Tequila and triples sec and always a dash of lemon to refresh. Shake it up and serve on ice if you want to. Just be sure that you have dipped the rim of the very seductive glass in a bit of sprinkle salt.
  • Mojito – For easy drinking all over the world, a mojito is a great thirst quencher and great to enjoy all night long. Some white rum, lime juice, simple syrup and the crucial mint leaves crushed before mixing all up and serving it with a tad of lime on the side — brilliantly refreshing and easy drinking.