Taco Bell and Applebee’s Release New Drinks

Halloween is one month away, with retailers & fast-food restaurants releasing their respective products to consumers in-hopes of acquiring high profits. Following this format has been Taco Bell & Applebee’s, two restaurants under fast-food status. Taco Bell announced their latest tropical beverage, adeptly named “Dragon Fruit Freeze”. Applebee’s would follow suit hours later by promoting two alcoholic Halloween beverages called “Dracula’s Juice” and “Tipsy Zombie”.

Taco Bell’s Dragon Fruit Freeze combines the flavour profiles of Kiwi & Pear to create the light/sweet undertones associated with tropical fruits. Descriptions for this beverage note that consumers haven’t ever tasted Dragon Fruit at such purities, and that they’d be surprised if Taco Bell customers even knew what the tropical fruit was. Taco Bell stated their happy to introduce this beverage to consumers at participating locations, with two sizes being offered. The regular size is $2.39, with the large being $2.59. It should be noted that between 2-5 pm at participating Taco Bells, any size can be purchased for $1.00.

Applebee’s Alcoholic Drink

Taco Bell’s Dragon Fruit Freeze will likely fail in-comparison to Applebee’s Dracula Juice & Tipsy Zombie alcoholic beverages. These haunted drinks have been recommended by multiple well-known sites, including Delish. Delish reflects that Tipsy Zombie is made with Bacardi Superior & Midori, which is combined with a gummy brain. It results in an ombre blue alcoholic drink that’s delicious to taste.

The Applebee’s Dracula Juice is a combination of Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Wild Berry, Patron Tequila, and Margarita Mix with a shot of Daiquiri. The taste is stated to be healthier & more potent than Tipsy Zombie, a minor warning from Applebee’s. It should be mentioned that Halloween-themed glasses will be served with these alcoholic drinks, which are available until November 1st.


Taco Bell will likely see greater profits than Applebee’s. Locations throughout North America under the Applebee’s banner have been closed down for the coronavirus pandemic. The majority are still closed today, with the few operating not generating extensive foot traffic. That hasn’t been the case for Taco Bell, which maintains a conventional fast-food approach & offers a Drive-Thru Menu. It’s this core reason that’s allowed Taco Bell to keep their kitchens open & dining areas closed.