SVEDKA Vodka Releases Natural Spirits

Obtaining the perfect flavoured vodka is challenging for consumers. Flavour profile associated with this form of liquor often prove to be unappealing, with negative undertones & smells associated with the vodka. One company wants to change conventional thoughts surrounding flavoured vodka, with that being SVEDKA Vodka. They’ve announced a new line of alcoholic beverages named “Pure Infusions”. Natural and bold flavours allow for the sensation of tropical berries to come through the vodka, creating unique profiles that excite the pallets of seasoned drinkers.

Three flavours were announced by SVEDKA Vodka. The Pure Infusions line surround tropical berries found in Europe & Asia. Those flavours include Strawberry Guava, Dragon Fruit Melon, and Ginger Lime. PR Representatives with SVEDKA clarified that each bottle doesn’t support any sugars, fats, and carbs. This means that there are only seventy calories with every 1.5-Ounce Serving. For those concerned about the facts associated with drinking alcohol, SVEDKA Vodka has found the solution.

PR Representatives noted that their Pure Infusions line would release throughout the European Union & North America by July 15th. It was also promised that the bold sensations associated with SVEDKA Vodka aren’t lost with their latest line of products.

Don’t Expect to Drink in Florida.

Those interested in consuming SVEDKA Vodka won’t find any entertainment venues with alcohol licenses selling the Pure Infusions line in Florida. This follows after COVID-19 Infections throughout Florida have reached pandemic levels, prompting government officials to demand that Bar Owners close down their establishments immediately. Those not abiding by conditions made by Florida Politicians will receive three substantial fines before being permanently closed.

Closure status was professionally informed to Florida Bar Owners. The Florida Secretary of Business & Professional Regulation tweeted out the closure status, which affected all entertainment venues with alcohol licenses. Multiple vendors were fined hours after the announcement was made, with their reasoning being excused as intolerance towards COVID-19. This shows how the United States is becoming a tyrannical nation without any options of vindication for business owners.

Owners of Bars, Clubs, and Entertainment Venues have all expressed their concerns towards the newly updated closure status. Profits were already low & reserve funds had to be spent on social distancing requirements. Forcing these individuals to shut down guarantees a large percentage won’t be able to reopen a second time. Politicians have seemed unconcerned with this problem when questioned.