Samsung Releases Faulty Smartphone

Smartphone reviewers have finally received their models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra, the two latest flagship phones from the Vietnamese Corporation. These reviewers are informing consumers to avoid these new handsets from Samsung at all costs. That’s because multiple issues aren’t being told to consumers, including camera modules not working correctly with its software features. One report indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cannot process autofocus with the “Food Camera Feature”. This means that capturing food & scanning products are the grocery store is somewhat impossible with the Galaxy note 20.

Reviewers mentioned that immediately upon the 1st day of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra being available, a substantial update listed at 500MB was required for installation. Details regarding what this software upgrade contains weren’t provided by Samsung. Samsung issued standard reasonings for updates. Their excuses include Device Stability Improvements, New Features, Performance Improvements, and Bug Fixes.

These excuses prompted reviewers to question what this update includes, dissecting all aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20s software. It was revealed by various outfits that stability wasn’t improved, with camera features still struggling to complete their jobs. The new features that Samsung claims have been added aren’t findable by any reviewers, with performance benchmarks lower than initially seen before the update. This has put numerous questions onto Samsung, with reviewers asking what has been added to these handsets without the consumer’s knowledge.

August 5th marked the date when average consumers were permitted to purchase this USD 1,000.00 smartphone. They’ve reported similar conditions with their Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra. Reviews from standard customers haven’t been overly promising & most have determined that the premium price associated with this handset isn’t worth what’s received in the box. Negative reviews could result in Samsung losing substantial market share with their most recent flagship, an issue that’s conventionally appeared throughout the history of this handset.

Camera Features Not Working

Large percentages of smartphone owners use their handsets for “Food Photography”, showcasing their latest home-cooked recipes & restaurant meals. Obtaining the best camera module possible assists with capturing the beauty of this food, with Samsung promising their most excellent cameras yet with the Note 20 Series. That’s proven false under the current software algorithms, making it impossible to genuinely capture “Food Photography” without significant hurdles to overcome. Similar issues have followed with the “Food Product Scanning” feature available with Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra. Its buyer beware with this smartphone.