Politicians, Sports Betting and Culinary Delights

Politicians might not be the people who are the most involved in the world of sports, but nothing stops them from having a good old bit of fun. Over past years this fun became a bit of an attraction when many political leaders went up against each other in daring sports bets, betting with nothing but some delicious culinary delights as their currency.

A wager between Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York and his Missouri counterpart, Jay Nixon included some of the best local treats. Nixon was to send Cuomo some of the best Kansas City’s Gates BBQ ribs if the Mets would win and if the Royals stepped out as the victors, then Cuomo would be sending Nixon some of New York’s best including bagels from the famous Jrs Bagel Factory, some craft beers and spirits like Southern Tier’s Pumking and Hudson Maple Cask Rye as well as Buffalo’s Anchor Bar wing sauce.

2014 Stanley Cup

This year the New York Ranger and the Los Angeles Kings were up against each other and Cuomo was also in the food bidding lines. His favourite currency to place his wagers is Anchor Bar’s wing sauce, and that is what he offered Jerry Brown, the Californian Governor. Brown couldn’t resist and offer hockey-puck-Esque brown rice cakes, organic and lightly salted, in return.

2010 NFC Championship

Amy Klobuchar, senator to Minnesota, wagered to cook gumbo and do delivery to Mary Landrieu, senator of Louisiana if the New Orleans Saints defeat the Minnesota Vikings in the championship. Also, she offered to wear a Drew Bees jersey if that is the case. In return, Landrieu also provided a home-cooked meal. This wager included a wild rice casserole delivered in a Brett Favre jersey.

2010 AFC Wild Card Playoffs

It was the New England Patriots against the Baltimore Ravens which resulted in a seafood battle. Martin O’Malley, governor to Maryland, had crab cakes up against the lobsters wagered by Deval Patrick, Governor to Massachusetts. The Baltimore Ravens were the victors and to make sure that the winner gets what was promised, O’Malley posted a video on YouTube stating the Deval must send the promised lobster, claiming his takings.

2009 World Series

The New York Yankees was taking on the Philadelphia Phillies, and it resulted in two cheese products stepping into the limelight. Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Summer wagered the cheesecake, both senators of New York and they were up against cheesesteaks from the senators of Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter and Bob Casey.

2008 Stanley Cup

Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor to Detroit, wagered Faygo Pop and Little Cesar’s Pizza Kits if the Detroit Red Wings managed to crush the Pittsburgh Penguins. Luke Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh Mayor, retaliated with Heinz ketchup, the very famous French fried filled Primanti Brother sandwiches and an octopus.