Pepsi Releases Three New Beverages

The PepsiCo Corporation confirmed that their introduction new flavours for the 2020 Summer Season. This beverage is meant to embody tropical destinations in the Caribbean, with this product named Pepsi Pineapple. Most consumers didn’t notice the announcement made by PepsiCo, with Instagram Promoters allowing this flavour to obtain viral popularity. Product marketers desired the introduction of Pepsi Pineapple after the beverage showed notable success in Japan.

Multiple flavour profiles surrounding tropical fruits were introduced by PepsiCo in 2019. Lime Juice, Mango Juice, and Pineapple were immediately launched into the Japanese market. Consumers in America haven’t had access to Pepsi Mango, with the Lime Juice Edition being released months later to Walmart & Target. Details in this announcement clarified that Pepsi Lime is being switched out with its Pineapple Counterpart. PR Reps advised consumers that enjoyed Pepsi Lime to purchase boxes while they’re still available.

The PepsiCo Company hasn’t exclusively been engaging with fruit combinations for their carbonated beverage. December 2019 marked the month when PR Representatives would confirm “Pepsi Café”. This beverage mixes the carbonated drink & rich coffee to make a unique flavour. It’s not the 1st time that PepsiCo has introduced their Carbonated Coffee, with previous introductions coming in the early 1990s. It didn’t perform to expectations & market analysts anticipate history will repeat itself. Regardless, consumers can purchase Pepsi Café Original or Vanilla today at supporting retail locations.

Coke Competing with Strawberry Flavour

The Board of Directors at PepsiCo are aware that the 2020 Summer Season brings multiple challenges ahead of their profits. The novel coronavirus is forcing thousands in the United States to reconsider planned adventures for 2020, with others unconcerned for their safety against the virus. Another attribute that’ll deter profits for the PepsiCo Company is their primary competitor, Coca-Cola.

Hours after it’d been announced that Pepsi Pineapple is available at Walmart’s throughout America, Coca-Cola confirmed they’d release “Coke Strawberry” over the next week to Target. Market analysts anticipate that flavour profiles selected by Coca-Cola will dominate over Pepsi, with most preferring Strawberry over Pineapple. Details on which product sold more with consumers won’t be revealed until Fall 2020.