Oreo Releases Gluten-Free Cookies

Food allergies have prominently increased in recent decades, with millions worldwide having to maintain specific nutritional diets to ensure stomach infections are eliminated. Gluten is a formidable ingredient in creating these infections, with food-intolerances to Gluten increasing with each passing generation. Manufacturers have begun accounting for allergies like Gluten for nearly two decades, allowing products that some consumers have never experienced becoming available for the first time.

For vegans, the Oreo Cookie has been a delicious treat that doesn’t harm any animal life. Those with Gluten allergies cannot eat an Oreo without experiencing side effects. That’s all changed with the announcement that Nabisco (Manufacturers of Oreo) announced Gluten-free versions of the Oreo Cookie. Two flavours are being supported & are available in stores starting in January 2021.

Standard chocolate & double chocolate are the two flavours being offered initially by Nabisco. There’s an opportunity that other versions of the Oreo Cookie could be released in Gluten-free form, including Vanilla. PR Reps with Nabisco emphasis their dedication towards providing all consumers with an option under the Oreo brand. Nabisco has begun adopting the Gluten-free concept into multiple brands under their ownership. Brands from Nabisco include:

  • Chips Ahoy
  • Crispers
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Triscuit
  • Dad’s Cookie

Unlike most flavours released by Nabisco for the Oreo brand, the Gluten-free options aren’t available for a limited time. These two flavours are becoming permanent additions into the portfolio of Cookies offered by Oreo. Starting in January 2021, consumers can purchase the Gluten-free Oreos from retailers like Walmart & Target for $4.99. It’s recommended to our readers with the Gluten allergy that some almond milk be paired with the Oreo Cookie. It’ll make the experience that much better.

It should be clarified that Oreo has worked extensively throughout 2019 & 2020 to update its brand for a variety of consumers. Profits throughout Q3 2020 proved that strategic advancements were proving the right decision.