New Products From Ben & Jerry’s, Including Tubes from ICEE

Travelling to the convenience or grocery store has become challenging, forcing people to change how they purchase their products. Multiple foods and delicacy manufacturers have begun releasing new products for the online community. This extends to ICEE, who announced two flavours for consumers that love Soda Pop. Additional product releases for the North American market include Ben & Jerry’s Berry Sweet Mascarpone Ice Cream.

When it applies to the ICEE Tubes, their three new flavours are inspired by flavours from the Coca-Cola brand. This will include regular Coca-Cola and Cherry Coca-Cola. Their standard characteristics comprise of Sour Apple, Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Introducing Soda Pop products goes beyond their conventional flavour profiles. ICEE has released these products nation-wide to convenience stores, with a large percentage selling ICEE Tubes through Amazon. Additional online retailers include Target and Walmart.

Those wanting to purchase these products will be required to pay out $2.50 for a Six-Pack, which is available for discounted prices on Walmart’s website. Selected individuals shopping for the entire household can enter their local grocery stores to locate these ICEE Tubes as well. Just don’t make a single product be the reason you leave the house.

Ben & Jerry’s New Berry Sweet Mascarpone Ice Cream

The secondary product releases this week is from Ben & Jerry’s, who announced that they’re releasing a new and unexpected flavour. That flavour profile includes Berry Sweet Mascarpone, which goes beyond the standard products released by the American Delicacy Manufacturer. Those wondering what flavour profiles will be implemented into this Ice Cream will be shocked.

It’ll be mixed with Mascarpone, which is an Italian Cream Cheese. Mixtures will combine Fudge-Covered Almonds and Shortbread Cookies, which blackberries also be added. This creates a unique taste that Ben & Jerry’s expects to be a high seller. It should be mentioned that the Berry Sweet Mascarpone is exclusive for the Whole Foods grocery chain. It’ll cost $5.70 for a Six-Pack and will be rolled out nationwide starting April 1st.
It’s not surprising that Ben & Jerry’s would release a new product during Covid-19. Their main competitors, which include Hagen-Dazs and Nestle, have both released new Ice Creams in the last two weeks.