New Donuts from Krispy Kreme and Dunkin

Two rival corporations have announced new donuts for the United States market. Krispy Kreme & Dunkin Donuts have battled each other for profit margins, with the later often proving more popular. Krispy Crème wants to alter the mindsets of consumers by showing three new editions to their menu. These donuts are meant to resemble similar flavour profiles associated with home-baked treats.

Those include the Banana Pudding, Mississippi Mud Pie, and Coconut Cake Donuts. Their available for a limited time & started selling at select locations on June 8th. It should be mentioned that Krispy Kreme Canada is also supporting this limited marketing campaign. Jump quickly to obtain these donuts, which are slated to leave select locations by June 24th. This gives consumers less than ten days to find a retail location nearby.

Krispy Kreme’s Instagram Account provided topping details regarding their newest donuts. The Banana Pudding Donut is topped with vanilla wafer cookies & whip cream. Coconut Cake Donuts has cream cheese icing located on it’s top, adding an extra level of sweetness to the shredded coconut filler. It’s the Mississippi Mud Pie that acts as the most extensive donut from Krispy Kreme this month. It’s first dipped in chocolate icing, then topped with cookie & graham crumble. Topping end with the addition of marshmallow drizzle sauce.

Standard pricing is supported with this temporary donut. Krispy Kreme mentioned that these donuts are being released in honour of Father’s Day. Flavours were selected by what Krispy Kreme deems desirable flavors amongst dads in North America.

The Birthday Cake Donut from Dunkin

Dunkin Donuts lost the competition of speciality donuts in June. Their monthly release is named the “Celebration Donut” and is meant to resemble birthday cake flavours. Comments on social media indicated the lack of innovation behind Dunkin’s choice, with companies worldwide releasing this flavour because of a recent trend. The genuine flavours seen in these products don’t compare to treats made by professional bakers.

The Dunkin Celebration Donut is topped with white icing, which are then sprinkled with a variety of different colours. Supplies will be available until month’s end & is supported by select retail locations. Finding this donut could become challenging.