New Chips from Lays & Doritos

The Frito Lay Company and the Kellogg Company have each announced they will be releasing new flavour to supermarkets and local retailers for their respective iconic brands. However, it was not mentioned whether both new flavours will become permanent fixtures on store shelves or only available for a limited time. However, the latest Pringles flavour will be a limited time product. 

Pringles, which is owned by the Kellogg company, makes of other brands such as Corn Flakes, is releasing its latest creation, Cajun Fries flavour. The latest in their line, which includes original, sour cream & onion and BBQ, will infuse garlic spices, cayenne and paprika into the popular curved chip.

Reports are already surfacing that the new Pringles Cajun Fries have been seen in supermarket chains around Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether these are test markets or if the company plans to roll out the chips nationwide.

Doritos Twisted Lime

Also in the news this week is the Frito Lay Company, makers of the iconic Lays brand popularised with its “Bet you can’t eat just one” series of commercials. It has announced its plans to release a new flavour of its famed Doritos brand. 

The latest flavour that has hit store shelves is Twisted Lime. Those following its release have reported that the new flavour has been spotted in Foods Co, Kroger, Meijer and Mariano’s. Offering in a 9.75-ounce bag, it has also been seen in Walmart, thereby giving the impression Frito Lay plans a more extensive rollout of the new flavour. Currently, Doritos are available in a staggering 24 different flavours. This includes its most popular flavour Nacho Cheese and Ultimate Cheddar

What is clear is that while certain flavours are available in select markets in order to satisfy specific preferences in taste and flavour, the brand is well cemented within pop culture and lunch boxes nationwide. 

In addition to its latest flavour release, the company added another lime based flavour earlier this year in January. That particular release, Flamin’ Hot Limón chips, focused on combining chilli heat and lime that together made for a tangy combination of hot and sour.