Much loved Italian Cocktails

Whether you are celebrating a big win in the FIFA world cup or drowning your sorrows after a sad loss in the Guinness Six Nations, there’s no reason not to do it in style with this list of fancy Italian cocktails. They are sure to help you host a party no matter what the outcome of the game is.

The Bellini

This cocktail can be served at any time of the day; the ratio is 3:7 peach juice to Prosecco. It is served in a champagne glass, peach juice first followed by the Brut, and can be decorated with a peach slice if wanted, but otherwise, it is gorgeous just the way it is.

The Martini Cocktail

Perhaps best pictured being sipped by Sean Connery as he played James Bond, this famous cocktail is a pre-dinner drink. The ratio for this one is 8:2 Gin to Vermouth dry. It is a trickier cocktail to prepare, but as long as you can follow directions well, you’ll nail the delivery of this drink every time. Avid martini drinkers can be rather fussy, but the recipe calls for it to be served in a chilled cocktail glass, first adding the Gin and vermouth to a glass filled with ice, stirring well and then pouring the cocktail into the prepared glass. This drink is served with a green olive and a lemon peel.

The Godfather

This cocktail is best served after dinner, with a cigar for ambience. The Godfather is three parts amaretto to 7 parts scotch whiskey. Serve on the rocks in a tumbler and stir well. For the ladies, replace the whiskey with vodka.

The Rossini

This is very similar to the Bellini, also to be served at any time of the day, but instead of peach juice, you use strawberry juice. Three parts strawberry juice to 7 parts but. The strawberry juice or peach juice can be replaced by orange juice to serve a Mimosa. The Mimosa tends to accompany a lady’s breakfast or high tea.

The Americano

Another pre-dinner cocktail the Americano is served in an old-fashioned tumbler glass, filled with ice. The recipe calls for 50/50 Vermouth Rosso to Bitter Campari, the glass is then topped up with soda water and garnished with a generous slice of orange.

The Aperol Sprits

The Aperol Spritz is served all day, any day, mostly before meals. It is served layered in a wine glass and consists of 2 parts Aperol, eight parts prosecco and topped up with soda water. Add a mint sprig or two as a garnish.

The Angelo Azzuro

Perhaps best to end off the night, or instead, continue into the night with. Place six parts Gin to 3 parts Cointreau to 1 part blue Curacao into a shaker, shake well and serve over crushed ice with a slice of orange or straight into a shooter glass and enjoy.