Mafia Distributing Food to Desperate Italians

The Italian Economy has drastically been hit throughout the coronavirus pandemic. It’s prompted forces that typically remain in the shadows to enter the light and help their communities. This follows after reports indicate that the Italian Mafia is distributing food for free to the unhealthy, with the agreement that they’ll provide their local support to this Mafia division. It should be noted that viral videos have indicated that Mafia gangs are providing these essential goods, with notable locations including Sicilia and Calabria. This extends towards Puglia and Campania, which has been prompted after increased tensions in Italy.

The Catanzaro Prosecutor’s Office, Anti-Mafia Investigative Division, confirmed that the Mafia is distributing food. This follows after numerous restaurants; grocery chains and cafes have shut their doors. Millions across Italy aren’t working during these conditions and income has become minimal with the 3rd month of their pandemic beginning. It’s not known when workforces will resume in Italy, prompting concerns for personal safety. That’s where the Italian Mafia comes into effect. They’ve implemented this strategy multiple times throughout the last 150+ years, allowing for various groups to gain control of local neighbourhoods. It’s similar to a Robin Hood story with the Italian Mafia.

Naples & Palermo

Law enforcement through Naples and Palermo have begun increasing their presence throughout low-income neighbourhoods. This has placed their safety at risk on two levels, with one being the coronavirus is rampant in small income areas, and the Neapolitan Mafia runs rampant in these quarters. It’s prompted for multiple shootouts to already unfold in the last several days. Investigators are surprising Mafia Goons that deliver food parcels to civilians in these regions. Immediate reactions from these Mafia Attendants is to shoot first and ask questions later.

The Cosa Nostra Mafia has implemented similar measures throughout Palermo. They’ve distributed food parcels through the Zen Neighbourhoods in this region, allowing for a significantly increased presence of the Mafia throughout Palermo. Law enforcement has struggled to enter these regions, with gang members maintaining more robust arsenals. It’s unknown if the Italian government will involve themselves in this matter, potentially providing military aid to local law enforcement. Under the conditions of COVID-19, this’ll be a challenging task to accomplish or even consider.