Lay’s International Chips Announced

An announcement regarding new products from “Lay’s Chips” was announced by PepsiCo, their parent company. It was confirmed that PepsiCo is releasing a new line of chips from Lays & that it’ll focus on creating flavours from popular tourist destinations. The four nations selected for this limited-time product include Mexico, Greece, Germany, and Thailand. Details on the official characteristics being used were also noted in this announcement.

The PepsiCo Company confirmed that Lime & Sea Salt, Beer & Brats, Thai Basil Chili, and Lime are the four flavour profiles that have been selected. These choices were determined after looking at the highest-rated flavours in each respective country. However, this limited-time product is inherently built around a social media marketing campaign. Those want to experience these flavour profiles need to enter a competition on Lay’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. It’s easy to come but winning will be challenging & for those lucky enough to win, there’ll be a flavourful payoff.

Below are the official details for each respective flavour.

  • Lay’s Germany – Beer & Brats: Flavour profiles combined include refreshing beer & savoury bratwurst.
  • Lay’s Greece – Wavy Tzatziki: Inspiration for these flavour profiles include dill garlic, yogurt, and unknown spices.
  • Lays Thailand – Basil Chilli: PepsiCo has recreated the sweet and hot flavour profiles associated with Thai cuisine.
  • Lay’s Mexico – Lime & Sea Salt: This chip is expected to be the most flavourful, with a tinge of citrus from the lime & the complexity of Sea Salt. It’s a combination that’s powerful, and what PepsiCo claims is full of flavour.

Consumers wanting to obtain one of these four bags must follow Lay’s Chips on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Entry holders must inform PepsiCo, which is their most preferred destination for future trips, and provide a variety of information to assist with their consumer marketing data. It’s unknown how many prizes are being awarded to consumers. However, giveaways will begin on August 20th & end a month later on September 20th. This indicates that hundreds of Lay’s customers will be victorious with their entry.

Those who aren’t victorious in this contest can purchase the Lay’s Travel Series through auction sites like eBay. It’s conventional for winners to sell off their prizes, which is the standard when PepsiCo releases a limited-run product that isn’t available on store shelves.