Latest Coffee Trends of 2018

Just like every other industry, coffee trends are also always evolving. The world is a very caffeinated and even more so the USA. Open up your Instagram or pass any Starbucks and you’ll find the latest trend whether it a new upside-down cappuccino, frappuccino or mochaccino. It is not only the US that loves throwing back a couple of cups a day, Norway, but Netherlands and Finland are also the amongst the top coffee-loving countries.

A new Wave of Coffee Enjoyment

The first wave was when coffee became a new luxury, something you would offer your most special guests. The second was when coffee moved from luxury to necessity, something that so hugely increased the quality of your life that you simply could not do without it. This year the trend is to serve the best and freshest coffee, which means purchasing directly from the roaster. It cuts out the middleman, yet the focus is on gaining access to the freshest, and the highest quality. Consumers pay a top premium, and for this, they expect to enjoy the best.

Coffee Lover Experience

Another industry that evolved more than any other is the concept of customer service. It is now all about the experience any industry can provide to the client. This is also the case in the coffee industry, and consumers feedback really counts, it is time to build a happy relationship between the cup and the consumer.

Creamier & Sweeter

The group of coffee drinkers where the fastest growing takes place this year is between the ages of 13 to 16. It is generation Y that is now entering the coffee-lovers circles, but it is the millennials who are still the largest when it comes to coffee drinking, and currently, this group represents 44% of coffee enthusiasts. While most would think the frappuccino fad would be long forgotten by 2018, it is far from over, coffee retailers and roaster are aiming to please the new generation and continues to introduce sweeter coffee versions as well as creamier beverages.

A Sip of Mushroom Coffee

The main or leading generations are more nutrient focussed and all about superfood. The trend starting to take shape this year is mushroom coffee, it is popping up in all the trendiest shops, and it is forecasted to remain one of the top choices well beyond 2018.

Iced or Cold Brews Remains the Hottest

One of the most preferred ways to enjoy a coffee is the iced coffee option. It is one of the most ordered cooler beverages and with the addition of ice and at times a scoop of ice-cream if offers both a sweeter and more creamy taste. One of the trends everyone expected to take off this year is the flavoured carbonated water coffee. Yes, there is a brand-new bubble craze, and every speciality coffee shop is in on it. It’s easy to make, you need espresso and tonic water, and it is already a major trend in New York and San Francisco.