Krispy Kreme 2020 Holiday Doughnuts

The holidays have arrived for America & Canada, with December 1st arriving hours from this article being written. Multiple retailers are announcing products to entice consumers for 2020, including Fast Food Corporations like Krispy Kreme. The prominent brand announced that three holiday-themed treats are releasing for 2020. This isn’t surprising when considering that Krispy Kreme creates new doughnuts for the holidays each year. 2020 has seen prominent emphasis of Christmas 2020, with Krispy Kreme avoiding offence their core customer group with different phrasing like “Happy Holidays”. It’s a Merry Christmas with Krispy Kreme.

Starting November 27th & ending on December 25th, Krispy Kreme is launching the “Nicest Holiday Collection”. Consumers are purchasing this collection receiving one dozen doughnuts, which are packaged in limited-edition boxes themed around Christmas. Two products announced for 2020 are new to Krispy Kreme’s menu, with the third being a returning doughnut from 2019. Below are the available doughnuts in the “Nicest Holiday Collection”.

  • Santa Belly Doughnut: Dipped with granulated sugar & red icing, this treat has chocolate filling and icing.
  • Present Doughnut: Dipped in green icing & decorated with Christmas ribbons, this product has cookie cream filling for consumer delight.
  • Festive Tree Doughnut: Dipped in cream cheese icing & decorated with Christmas trees, this delicacy has red velvet cake batter inside for extra flavour.

Krispy Kreme has accounted for the Covid-19 pandemic with the “Nicest Holiday Collection”. It was announced that beginning on November 30th, Krispy Kreme will begin offering local parcel delivery for consumers. This will enable customers to avoid travelling outside their homes during America’s second pandemic. The benefit behind choosing this option isn’t exclusively safety, with Krispy Kreme Delivery Drivers dressing in Christmas-themed costumes for customers. Children will see Santa’s elves delivering some of the tastiest doughnuts in recent memory. It’s attributes like this that make Krispy Kreme better than Starbucks.