Just Born Inc Release Two New Peeps Products

Easter is coming within a matter of weeks, prompting parents to purchase the latest and most exceptional candies. That’s why Just Born Incorporated, the parent company behind Peeps, has launched multiple new products for the upcoming season. One of the most surprising products announced are “Peeps Pancakes”, which allows for parents to cook children an Easter-themed breakfast. Those that purchase this product for their children will receive enough Pancake Mix for six servings, with a bunny-shaped skillet provided as well. Consumers can reuse the skillet countless times so that children still eat their pancakes with the Easter Bunny.

Just Born Incorporated didn’t provide any insight when this product is released to grocery chains in North America. The first retailer receiving administrative access to the “Peeps Pancakes Mix & Skillet Set” is Amazon. It’s expected that they’ll receive exclusive access to this product for two weeks before being released to grocery chains. This will give parents roughly five weeks to purchase Peeps Pancakes.

Some consumers are wondering if Just Born Incorporated has added the signature marshmallow flavour to the Peeps Pancakes. Those customers will be excited to know that the standard pancake recipe hasn’t been altered with Peeps limited-edition product. Those wanting to taste the marshmallows can also purchase the readily available “Mini Peeps” and incorporate them into the recipe. Mix in some chocolate chips, genuine maple syrup and whipped cream; you’ll have one of the best pancakes ever.

Peeps Jelly Beans Released & Available

Just like we mentioned above, Just Born Incorporated has released multiple products under the Peeps brand for 2020. One of the newly launched products through Easter 2019 is making a comeback after exceeding profit valuation expectations. This product is the Peeps Jelly Beans, which are being released with the same flavour profiles. This includes Blueberry Marshmallow, Lemon Marshmallow, and Strawberry Marshmallow. Those wanting to purchase these 10-ounce bags can do so at retailers like Target, Big Lots, Walmart and Walgreens for $3.00.

The available products mentioned above are minimal in comparison to the five other consumable goods released by Just Born Incorporated. These announced products follow after increasing popularity in the Peeps brand. Below are the additional products from Peeps that will be available in grocery chains and Amazon starting in March.

  • The Fruit Loops Flavored – Marshmallow Peeps.
  • The Fiercely Cinnamon Flavored – Marshmallow Peeps.
  • Delighted Raspberry Flavored – Marshmallow Peeps.
  • Chocolatey Pudding Flavored – Marshmallow Bunnies.
  • Root Beer Float Flavored – Marshmallow Peeps.
  • Crème Fudge Flavored – Marshmallow Peeps.