Italian Food Inspiring & Simply Unforgettable

Italy is known for its artists such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo as well as the greatest food nation. Its geography and climate allow it to produce an array of tasty ingredients and its position in the Mediterranean centre increase influences from the Far and the Middle East, Africa and the rest of Europe.

Italian dishes are unforgettable, and anyone visiting with taste buds that are even vaguely active finds themselves discovering the most wonderful things to enjoy from start to finish. Italy is two regions that only united form the start of the 20th century, which means no two dishes look the same and this makes cuisines even more exciting to explore. Classic Italian dishes are differently prepared, grandmother-by-grandmother and village-by-village.

While most think of pasta or pizza when it comes to Italian cuisine, the country’s top foods and drinks list include a diverse feast. Top beverages include the classic cocktail, called Nini Bellini Veneto made from peach puree and Prosecco.

Stuffed Porchetta Bellini

Bellini is a great start to a meal consisting of stuffed porchetta one of the dishes Rome claim as their own. This dish consists of a whole pig stuffed with delicious ingredients before its roasted to perfection on the spit. While the outside is crisp, the inside’s tender succulence is good enough to send your taste buds to heaven. Leftovers make for great panino fillings the next day.

Hunter’s Chicken Stew

Listed on menu’s as Hunter’s chicken stew – le Marche, Polla Alla cacciatora is chicken prepared in true huntsman wife style. It is probably the most famous of all Italian dishes and made the traditional way the chicken spent no less than 36 hours in Galatrone wine. Maybe that is where non-Italians go wrong and fail in copying this delicious dish.

Butter Sage Gnudi

When it comes to taking humble food to the next level, Italians do it best in its Butter sage gnudi Toscana. The word gnudi in Italian means nude, and in this dish the little lumps of beautifully seasoned ricotta are naked fillings for ravioli, without the pasta. It’s an amazing variation of gnocchi made from top quality ricotta seasoned with nutmeg. The gnudi needs resting in semolina flour for hours as it gives it the coating that is required for cooking.

Italian Classic Desserts

So, forget pasta and pizza start your Italian food adventure with asparagus stems wrapped in prosciutto or cheesecake with candied orange peel, both dinner delights that evokes flavour and aroma. But then why wait, skip all the cuisine and get straight to the classic Italian desserts such as Tiramisu, Pannacotta, Tartufo or Panettone.