Hollywood Casino Buffet

Grantville is home to Hollywood Casino, which in its turn is home to a buffet of epic proportions. The Hollywood Casino’s Epic Buffet is set like the light at the end of the tunnel. When you have passed the flickering lights of the slot machines and climbed the mountain of shattered dreams, finally crossing the river of broken resolutions and at the end of it all, lies the epiphany of delectable cuisine delights. Here are some of the top-ranked choices to justify wearing loose pants for this journey into culinary spoils.

Food & Deserts

  • Cheesecake – Let’s be rebellious and start with dessert before having our veggies, after all, who is going to tell? This traditional cheesecake brings along precisely the flavour you would expect to receive on your plate, but how it is served breaks the barriers of traditionalism. Cut into squares and standing firmly on a thick and crumbly crust, topped off with a little dollop of whipped cream. Delightful.
  • Chocolate Cream Pie – More leaning towards being a dessert than a pie, this delight is lightly flavoured and presented with chocolate sprinkles on top of a whipped topping. A good foundation of light yet crumbly crust is bringing it all together as a great taste sensation.
  • Warm Choc Chip Cookies – Tiny little treasures of deliciousness. These delicious choc chip cookies are kept on a grill to ensure just the correct amount of heat to resemble hotcakes. The taste is dreamy, but the weather adds an element of added wonder.
  • The Taco Bar – The taco bar has a plethora of options to build any taco according to individual taste. Crispy lettuce, flavourful cheeses, onions, black beans, tomatoes and a good dollop of sour cream. The beef is tasty and tender and a great base to start building your dream bite from, nestled in a cup of either a hard or soft shell taco.
  • Waffle Fries – If Arby’s curly fries and Chick-fil-A waffles had to start a family, their children would be these delicious potato babies. Crispy with just the perfect amount of seasoning to ensure that no lack of taste will set on your plate.
  • Pasta Immersed in Meat Sauce – When Hollywood Casino serves red sauce at any buffet, they don’t skimp on meat or flavour. For this delicious treat, they added some Italian goodness to the deal with linguine, and they have discovered a dish with a very competitive streak. Do take note that this dish does fill you up quite quickly with all the great heartiness it holds and hence if you are planning on exploring so much more, then dish up small portions.
  • Sliced Ham – Ham is ham. It is often too salty for the taste buds of many, but the Hollywood Casino offers an epic buffet, and hence even their sliced ham delivers on epic taste. The meat is magnificently paired with a beautiful pineapple glaze which balances out the salty taste and takes sliced ham to new levels of appreciation.