Fireball and Captain Morgan’s Holiday Competition

Two alcoholic beverage suppliers have announced new flavours & products for the upcoming holiday season. These two brands have fought each other for market share during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. It’d first be announced that Fireball Whiskey is releasing an Eggnog that Cinnamon flavoured, an unconventional profile for the alcoholic beverage supplier.

Fireball Whiskey will have notable competition from Captain Morgan, who announced their updated Apple Spiced Rum for the 2020 holiday season. Both companies confirmed that a unique product marketing campaign would surround their products. However, Fireball Whiskey will have hurdles to overcome in educating consumers of their new product. That’s because the Cinnamon-flavoured Eggnog from Fireball Whiskey is Non-Alcoholic.

This marks one of the first Non-Alcoholic beverages released by Fireball Whiskey. Named the Fireball Holiday Nog, marketing around this drink suggests flavour tones reminiscent of Christmas traditions. That means there’ll be strong undertones of cinnamon amidst the eggnog, which is typically a highly desired drink by families attending holiday parties. It should be mentioned that Fireball is recommending two shots of their standard Whiskey if consumers want to turn the “Fireball Holiday Nog” into an alcoholic drink.

Captain Morgan Sticks with Rum

There’ll be consumers that don’t want to make holiday cocktails by combining Fireballs Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic beverages. Customers on this wavelength ware best suited for Captain Morgan’s Sliced Apple Rum, which maintains similar seasonal spirits to Fireball & will have a larger alcohol percentage. Developing the Sliced Apple Rum wasn’t challenging, with Captain Morgan using their “Original Spiced Rum” & combining it with infusions of ginger. It creates a crisp flavour of apple that mixes perfectly with the Spiced Rum, leaving an aftertaste similar to cinnamon.

Travelling during the holidays to meet up with family can either be stressful or exciting, but either way the Captain Morgan Spiced Apple Rum is the perfect concoction to make your Christmas better. Consumers wanting to purchase a 750ml Bottle will obtain 35% ABV for $15.99. The Captain Morgan Spiced Apple Rum is available to Canadian & American consumers by September 30th. Fireball’s Holiday Nog will also release on September 30th.