Essential Equipment & Tools for Pasta

Every home should be equipped with a few essentials, especially when pasta is one of the main dishes. While forks are mostly used in most houses to complete the task, if you are serious about cooking the best pasta you might want to invest in some of the essential tools.

Pasta Machine A Must for Every Home

If you have the time and wish to serve up the best and most delicious pasta, you would never settle for dried past, when you could make your own. With the pasta machine you get to make your own pasta and even if you roll it with a rolling pin the best result is offered by the machine.

Large Pot to Cook Pasta to Perfection

Perfection lies in a large pot since once you use the dough to make pasta, it softens once it is placed in water and with a big enough pot, there are more than enough swirling space to ensure the dough is not forced together. A large pot filled with enough water to boil before the paste is added, plus a splash of olive oil will prevent the pasta from clumping together.

Seasoning is As Important as Fresh Pasta

Seasoning of your food is important, and it remains as essential when you make pasta. By seasoning the water, the past will absorb the flavour to prevent a bland dish. Italian cooks believe the water needs to taste like the ocean. Coarse sea salt is mostly used by some of the most well-known Italian chefs.

Olive Oil is Essential

Olive oil and past go together and that includes adding a splash to the boiling water and adding a drizzle to complete the dish. Olive oil is known to elevate the taste of any dish and it offers a richness to the pasta while it also prevents it from sticking together.

Pasta Spoon

A pasta spoon is a handy tool when you’re cooking penne as it ensures that the pieces do not stick together, and it is great for taking out some of the pieces when you want to taste. The centre hole is perfect to remove dried spaghetti.


Once you’ve got the large pot, added coarse sea salt and a dash of olive oil, you can be pretty sure that the pasta will cook perfectly. The only way to ensure it remains in that condition during the process of removing the pasta from the water is a colander. It is by far the most effective way to drain all the access water off the pasta and it often prevents overcooking, which is caused by leaving the past to long in the water.

Pasta Tongs

Pasta tongs come in handy when checking for doneness and for picking up some of the pasta during the cooking process. These are the best to arrange spaghetti or long pasta on a plate and if you really like serving your pasta in a fancy way, the tongs allow you to make little swirls on each plate. Once you have all the essentials you can dive into a range of exciting pasta ideas and recipes, as you would be all kitted out to experiment.