Dunkin Donuts Partners with Girl Scouts

Food corporations are always searching for innovative ideas to acquire new customers. Already in 2020, multiple companies have begun new advertising campaigns. The most recent comes from Dunking Donuts, who confirmed that they’ve re-partnered with the Girl Scouts Association. This partnership is being complete so that Dunkin Donuts can provide consumers with a Girl Scout Cookie-infused espresso and coffee. This same beverage was maintained in 2018 and saw a significant influx of customer acquisition for Dunkin’.

The Dunkin Donut Corporation will be offering this beverage throughout January, which has infamously been the same month that the Girl Scout Association sells their cookies nation-wide. The returning flavours, which began selling at all locations in the United States, include the Coconut Caramel Espresso and Thin Mints Coffee. Additionally, this announced confirmed that a second run for these limited-time drinks would come during the mid-spring with participating locations. This announcement also guaranteed that Dunkin Donut locations would sell Girl Scout Cookies in correlation with these beverages, with all proceeds going towards the association. Don’t be surprised when you see the scouts nearby the drive-thru or entrance at your local Dunkin’.

An official statement was released by the Dunkin Donut Corporation, where they expressed that the Girl Scout Association is welcomed at their locations anytime. It was noted that their guests find this period to be thrilling, like the perfect way to finish off the holidays and become excited about the upcoming spring. The Head of Marketing at Dunkin specified that all franchise owners are proud and committed to growing the Girl Scout community in the United States. Dunkin’ is one of the few café’s that work with an American institution at such extremes.

The Cookies

Those wondering which cookies will be sold nation-wide at Dunkin Donuts will be pleased to find out that the Thin Mint brand is returning. However, Girl Scouts will also carry the Coconut Caramel brand for those wanting a warmer flavour from the holidays. Both will cost $5.00 per box and consumers can purchase upwards of ten boxes. All proceeds go towards the benefit of the Girl Scout Association, which has assisted young girls in becoming formidable women for more than 100+ years. There wasn’t any confirmation if this event would continue in 2021, indicating that it’s a yearly renewal contract. Considering that last year, Dunkin’ garnished more than $1 million for the Girl Scout Association, it’s likely that the annual event will continue for a long time going forward.