Drumstick, Pringles & McDonald’s Announce New Products

Three brands operating in North America confirmed the launch of their latest products. This includes Nestle announcing the Drumstick Super Nugget, Pringles confirming the Chicken Waffles Chip, and McDonald’s releasing the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie. There’s never been a better period for continent-wide brands to release new products. Consumers are stuck at home and desire new treats that’ll crave their sweet tooth.

The 1st announcement was made through Nestle, where they confirmed three flavours of the “Drumstick Super Nugget” would be expanded to all states in America. This follows after this specialized product was available to a limited selection of consumers. Purchasing the Super Nugget Cones from Walmart will cost $6.50, with each box supporting eight drum sticks. Three flavour profiles have been confirmed for Walmart shelves. Those include Vanilla Fudge, Original Vanilla, and Original Strawberry. Additional retailers like Target and Wholefoods are also selling the latest version of Drumstick. However, prices will vary with these brands.

The Odd Pringles Flavour

Food product analysts were shocked when Lays, the producers behind Pringles, announced one of their weirdest flavours yet. It’s almost scarier than the Tom Ramen Chicken Chips from Pringles. This time around consumers are tasked to try the Chicken & Waffles Pringles Chip. It should be noted that this product is exclusive to Dollar General, meaning consumers cannot purchase the Chicken & Waffles flavour profile at standard retailers like Walmart. That’s because conventional retailers opted out from selling this unpleasant flavour, knowing it’d have minimal sales.

McDonald’s Releases New Dessert

The final announcement made this week was from McDonald’s. North American Representatives mentioned that Malaysia’s “Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie by McDonald’s” will become available in the United States. This follows after significant sale percentages were seen throughout Malaysia, with this nation being considered the testing location for the North American division of McDonald’s.

Those purchasing this snack will receive two flavour profiles, including Blueberry Jam and Cream Cheese. Confirmations on when this once Malaysian-exclusive dessert will come to America wasn’t provided. However, McDonald’s typically releases a new product two-weeks after announcing it. Expect to see the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie in US McDonalds like May 15th at the latest.