Dairy Queen’s Most Recent Products

It was only five months since we learned that soft ice cream giant Dairy Queen was selling an ice cream cone dipped in Cotton Candy at some of its locations. We, like so many are jealous the company did not release this chain-wide but we are happy to say, that has since changed after it has now been added to the menu.

The new menu item uses the classic vanilla soft ice cream Dairy Queen is famous for while dipping in a tasty coating of cotton candy that hardens the outer layer of ice cream. Based on the menu, it is available in all three standard sizes; small, medium and large and is being touted as available for a limited time only.

There have been several who have posted pictures on Instagram in the last few days of the new frozen treat with reviews all coming in positive, but then who would expect anything less from Dairy Queen!

Dairy Queen Canada add new Chicken Strips!

Dairy Queen Canada has announced that it has introduced a new version of their chicken strips that is flavoured with sweet and tangy sesame. The all-white meat strips are mildly seasoned and then tossed in a glaze of sweet and tangy sesame and are served with a side order of fries and a choice of several dipping sauces.

Of course, all the classic favourites are still shining brightly on at Dairy Queen, both in terms of their ice cream treats and other food items. Why not consider trying one of the many Blizzard favours or the Peanut Buster Parfait, a classic that has been a menu staple since its release over 15 years ago. For foodies, the burgers and fries are as good as always, and with other items perfect for family trips out, a visit to Dairy Queen is hard to deny!

The new items can be found at a participating Dairy Queen near you. However, both are only available for a limited time, so it is best to hurry if you wish to try these new tasty items.