Classic Beverage Flavours Returning in 2020

Beverage manufacturers will rarely bring back pre-existing flavours after those products didn’t sustain profitable valuations at the initial launch. However, two brands are working towards re-advertising their previous products to consumers. Those include SunnyD and Mountain Dew, with the 1st confirmation coming from the infamous orange juice manufacturer.

It was announced that two pre-existing flavours that were available for a limited time in 2019 would be returning for the 2020 Summer Season. This follows after their Lemonade and Watermelon Editions of SunnyD didn’t reach younger audiences. It performed to expected valuations with customers born in the 1990s, with profits being in sequential with children from the 2000s.

SunnyD has infamously rarely released new flavour profiles, with the brand typically sticking with sweetened orange juice. When it was announced that Watermelon and Lemonade would be released for the 2019 Summer Season, the 90s Generation praised the company through social media. It doesn’t matter if younger audiences adopt this brand or not; SunnyD will continue to obtain profits from their standard consumer base. Those wanting to purchase the Watermelon or Lemonade SunnyD Beverages can buy them from $1.99 to $4.99. The cost depends on the case size, and if their cans or bottles.

Mountain Dew Brings Back Liberty Brew

Supporters behind Mountain Dew were excited to learn that “Liberty Brew” will be returning to store shelves during the 2020 Summer Season. Similar to the products released by SunnyD, Mountain Few first released this beverage throughout 2019. It combined fifty of the signature flavour profiles seen with PepsiCo and Mountain Dew, creating a drink similar to Doctor Pepper.

Details on what signature flavours are combined haven’t been revealed by Mountain But, with consumers receiving a berry sensation when consuming this beverage. Its overall reviews from customers have been positive, with profit margins being reasonable for PepsiCo. That’s why the Liberty Brew is being re-released for 2020. Those wanting to purchase this beverage have multiple package options including six, eight and twelve packs. There will be either 20oz Bottles or 16oz Cans, with prices ranging from $1.49 to $5.50.